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You may be wondering why hiding your suppliers is important. When you are shipping goods, this information is kept in customs and can be accessed by anyone. Not using a qualified intermediary puts your information at risk. In the end, it pays to keep your name off the record by using an intermediary company. In short, people will not see our company and supplier name on customs documents.

Optimizing your supply chain is a smart business decision, but only when you find the right intermediary company. This is why it helps to have experience on your side. Our qualified intermediary services are made specifically for SMEs looking to minimize their risk. This service is closely related to our logistics services, since both shipments and payments have to be coordinated. 

Qualified Intermediary Services

How it Helps

Our intermediary services reduce your capital risk exposure. We act as the qualified intermediary between you and the supplier. Use our knowledge of Asian business culture and financial institutions to get the leverage needed to have a secure transaction. As your intermediary service provider, we handle all paperwork and safeguard bank transfers.

We guarantee your sources will be hidden and factories kept confidential. As your intermediary service provider, we handle all of the paperwork to conceal your factory from your competitors. Using intermediary services can also have several tax and transportation cost advantages by reducing the number of steps in the supply chain.

The Benefits of Intermediary Services

Hide Your Sources and Simplify Transactions

Save Taxes

You can avoid double taxation with our qualified intermediary services. How? We can sell directly to you in your home country and get it through customs. This way, you can reduce customs and sales taxes as well as handling fees.

Hide Your Sources

We handle all customs paperwork. Our intermediary services both save work and hide your suppliers. This lowers the possibility people will go around you in the future. You can feel safe knowing your suppliers are confidential.

Ease-up Transactions

Our payment intermediary services are 100% secure. We direct all necessary payments to different suppliers without you having to worry about terms and conditions. Different currencies or banks in any country are no problem.

Avoid Customs Paperwork

Import taxes cannot only increase your costs and make your prices uncompetitive, but handling customs also requires a lot of paperwork and time that you can make better use of. An intermediary service provider can take this over.

Reduce Your Risk

As an intermediary company we act as the liable entity with customs. This avoids any liability issues for you. We are experts and never have customs issues. Avoid delays and smooth coordination with a qualified intermediary that knows what to.

Increase Efficiency

Our payment intermediary services avoid having to handle numerous bills and foreign bank transfers. We do all the accounting work for you. You pay one invoice, and we pay all entities involved. This helps to keep track of finances and let you know the final cost early.

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