Retail & Product Demand Forecasting
in the Supply Chain

Quantitative Demand Forecasting for SMEs

Are you having trouble estimating how much to manufacture and when to order?

Our Demand Forecasting and planning helps!

Our product demand forecasting was made for this specific problem. Manufacturing forecast is vital to your company. Order changes take too long to adjust. It is crucial to be prepared and have concrete order plans for any demand changes. The full package allows you to consider costing, a streamlined production and expected retail demand forecasting at the same time.

Many small firms believe specific product demand forecasting or demand forecasting in the supply chain in general is unnecessary. This is a mistake! Demand analysis and forecasting is a tool that offers accurate guidelines for any production line. Our quantitative demand forecasting tools are made to find out exactly how much you need to buy and how to improve your lead time just by better demand planning.

The Benefits of Demand Analysis and Forecasting

Streamline Your Efficiency

Estimating Production Lead Time

Knowing how fast you sell things can give you a good estimate of the necessary production lead time. Throughput time has to be decreased in accordance to be able to react quicker to sales changes. These different time measures are reconciled with a good demand forecasting process.


Reducing Out of Stock Times

Checking the probability of not having stock lets you develop order schedules. This is at the core of retail demand forecasting and a common technique used by large companies. Not doing this systematically puts you at an increased risk of running out of stock due just because of insufficient demand planning and forecasting.

Not Missing Peak Season

Make sure you know exactly what you need when peak seasons happen. Predictable demand changes are easy to prepare for when you consider them early with product demand forecasting. Lead times can be longer before peak seasons since suppliers also experience higher seasonal demand.

Predict the Future

You need to know what your clients will buy in 3 or 6 months. Unlike simple estimations, our demand analysis and forecasting technique integrate factors other than inventory and sales. We review client specific information to see how their habits change over time.

Secure your Demand

You need quantitive demand forecasting in the supply chain so that you can secure production lines at the factory. Out of stock time occurs whenever people misunderstand the production schedule of the supplier. Many purchasers don’t realize factories can get full too.

Increase Your Potential

Our experts run retail demand forecasting tools so that you are prepared as best as possible for any scenario. To put it another way, we make sure you can make the best choices for your company so that you can maximize your profit by forecasting future demand.


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