Product Costing & Pricing in Manufacturing

Expert Product Costing Methods for New Products

Do you want to know the real price and production cost of your custom product?

Our Product Costing helps you out!

Battling through all the quotes estimating the cost for a new product is challenging for the uninitiated, but with Intrepid Sourcing’s product costing process, it doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. Remember, you are going to face quote after quote loaded with “standard costing and pricing”.  The case for product costing method is that you are addressing the final price with the development costs of a new OEM product, which means things are more complex than traditional costing.

You will have a team of experts with 7+ years of experience in calculating new product development costs; this means you won’t have issues with your specifications. Our product costing system makes sure that you get a reliable final production price for different quantities. Our streamlined product costing methods help you easily check the cost of your newly designed product without the hassle. A cost estimate is often sufficient for existing products.

The Benefits of the Product Costing and Pricing

Find the Exact Cost in Manufacturing

Consider All Components

A custom design requires a custom product costing system with pricing from a number of suppliers. Each supplier will have their own standard costing and pricing. While this complicates the product costing process, our expertise helps to see how components effect your product costing system.

Choose the Right Supplier

With so many factories from which to choose, we will help you break down different suppliers for different parts in our product costing process. The development cost for a product can be decreased if the options for each part are checked with a good product costing system.

Link Your Suppliers

Different suppliers for different parts of your product have to be coordinated. We help across every aspect of the product outsourcing process, ensuring that you have access to the best manufacturing product costing and pricing that can handle what’s required by you.

Optimizing Each Part

Integrating more standardized or cheaper parts helps to reduce overall cost. Optimizing your costing structure is a smart business decision, but only when a proper approach is taken to your product costing initially. This means checking each part separately and in context.

Reduce Your Cost

Analyze and compare suppliers to receive the most accurate product costing. Our standard costing methods will help you customize your system to reduce costs. Working within our product costing framework gives you the lowest cost for the product you want.

Improve Your Lead Times

Did you know, most SMEs often get bogged down by complicated product costing and pricing? We provide a detailed analysis adjusting to the most efficient lead time for all components & final assembly with our product costing system. Focusing on the slowest brings the biggest improvements.

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