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Do you need to implement an enforceable and binding manufacturing agreement overseas?

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The topic of money always comes up early in production planning. That’s why supplier contract negotiations are so important to the manufacturing process. As a result, a variety of contract negotiation strategies exist. Anyone who has encountered a contract drafting process will know contract negotiations are long and drawn out. You can be confident your best interests will be protected at all times when we as your consultant for contract negotiations finalize contract terms.

We believe a successful supplier contract negotiation should document three main aspects: your product details, the factory lead time, and the product pricing. Firstly, closely scrutinizing the product details during the contract drafting phase protects your interests. Secondly, checking the production timeline against what the factory estimates gives an accurate understanding of your schedule. Thirdly, getting the product costs in advance lets you create a clear budget.

The Benefits of Good Contract Negotiations Strategies

Protect Your Interests in Manufacturing

Save Time

Why spend time thinking of contract negotiation strategies? Choose a contract negotiation process with reliable outcomes. Our Intrepid Sourcing team helps negotiating factory contract terms with our supplier contract services which match your goals.

Transparent Protection

We believe in a transparent and flexible contract negotiation process. Our job is negotiating contract terms on your behalf. You and your product are included in all contract negotiation steps, considering the specific manufacturing situation.

Legal Compliance

Our contract negotiation strategies and supplier contract drafting techniques are country compliant. This means we negotiate business contracts that are legal and enforceable in the country, like China or other in Asia, you want to manufacture.

Your Own terms

The safety of your investment is our top priority and the factory contract negotiation phase is a vital part of our services. We pride ourselves on negotiating contract terms specific to our clients’ needs. Intellectual property is often important.

Adapt to the country

Our Asian business culture and legal systems understanding lets us negotiate business contracts which secures the best possible deal. In China, businessmen usually don’t negotiate business contracts, which is considered when introducing one.

Consider Manufacturing Differences

We distinguish regarding the nature of the manufacturing agreement. Whether dealing with white label or OEM suppliers, our employees are immersed in specific Chinese contract negotiation strategies which gives us an advantage.

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