Sample Procurement Services

Getting Samples from China and Beyond

Are you overwhelmed by the number of options where you should order your product samples?

Our Product Sample Procurement Services fix this problem!

The entire reason behind the sample procurement process is pretty simple; it allows you to know if you are receiving a quality product. Getting your hands on a product sample lets you check the manufacturer’s ability to produce your item. But with so many suppliers and product specifications, how can you tell the true quality? A sample sourcing and procurement strategy that goes deeper into how the factory manufacturers the sample is the solution. We are your procurement specialist for getting samples from China and other Asian countries.

In the end, the sample procurement strategy will depend on the type of sample you want. Most factories provide one of three samples types: factory samples, white label samples and custom prototypes. Factory samples are often the cheapest while customized prototypes are the most expensive. Each sample type must be considered within your greater procurement plan as all good procurement outsourcing companies should.

The Benefits of a Clear Sample Procurement Strategy

Getting Samples from China and Other Asian Countries

Ease the product search

Sourcing and procurement outsourcing can be tough. Our procurement services are handled by procurement specialists who ease the product and supplier search. Intrepid Sourcing has a flexible sample procurement plan for getting you samples from China or other Asian countries to you easily.

Understand Your Product

A sound sample procurement strategy can teach you about your product. Our services point out the critical product characteristics you should consider. We develop your procurement plan so you understand the production process. This allows you to make an informed purchase.

Ensure Trustworthiness

Intrepid Sourcing protects you from fraudulent suppliers through our three-tiered procurement plan. A procurement specialist customizes your buying strategy, so you avoid unnecessary risk dealing with bad procurement outsourcing companies. In the end, you receive the samples you expect.

Identify the best suppliers

Intrepid Sourcing has adopted a quantitative sample procurement strategy that makes sure you only deal with the best quality suppliers, which distinguishes us from other procurement outsourcing companies. Consider price and customization early on.

Look in the right place

We as your sample procurement specialist will provide the best sample procurement services–regardless whether getting samples from China or other Asian countries. Sample procurement services are a pivotal part of the following manufacturing process.

Follow a structured approach

You can rely on us that all relevant suppliers are considered, no potential products are missed, and that you have the best sourcing & procurement strategy. You avoid suppliers and procurement outsourcing companies over promising and under delivering.

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