Shanghai State-owned Mobile Platform Will be Opened Soon

Ma Yonghua, the Secretary General of the Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, said during the Shanghai State-owned Summit Forum, “Shanghai will gradually implement several policies, such as making the SASAC responsible for regulatory capital, Platform Companies being responsible for the basic operation, enterprise and group responsible for the daily management”.

Shanghai International Group and Shanghai Guosheng group have recently finished both vertical integration and horizontal collaboration based on the position and location. This  which means the Shanghai State-owned Mobile Platform will be opened soon.

In addition, the function positioning of Shanghai Guosheng group is: developing the state-owned stake, promoting the development of mixed-ownership economy as the main function, becoming the share holders of partial state-owned equities, the operating carrier of value management, the executive channel of capital allocation and the bridge for the combination of industrial and financial capital.

About the author

David writes about economic activity throughout Southeast Asia and specializes on international trade relating to China. In addition, he holds a Masters Degree in Economics from Peking University.
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