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Intrepid Sourcing has the back of many companies that struggle with an overseas reach. Many small businesses have a limited budget and so many great ideas. What is the problem? How to work your small budget around those unique ideas AND manufacture, distribute or connect abroad?

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We provide energy saving solutions with the following services:

Time Saver Package

All services from the basic Time Saver Package are included in our Energy Saver Package. These include Cost Estimate, Product Costing, Lead Time Assessment, Due Diligence and Contract Negotiations. Selected additional services from Intrepid Sourcing offer you security for the whole production process.

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Sample Procurement

Nothing allows you to judge a supplier’s skill-level quite like a product sample. Intrepid Sourcing are masters of fast and relevant sample procurement for sourcing and white labeling, which allows you to see what’s what, on top of whether a product supplier has the ability to live up to its promises.

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In the case of customized production lines (OEM), there are obviously no existing samples that can easily be procured. Instead prototypes have to be created based on your design ideas to find feasible and efficient production solutions. Intrepid Sourcing the experience to do several iterations in a short time.

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The time between dispatch and arrival is pivotal, as the logistics of shipping should never be taken lightly. Intrepid Sourcing links you to the transportation and logistic companies that matter, creating the most economical delivery route based upon speed, cost, and efficiency as result.

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What is a well-produced product really worth if it doesn’t have high-quality packaging to match? It is often neglected or poorly implemented. Through Intrepid Sourcing and our dedicated packaging service, you are sure to secure something that is consistent, brand reinforcing, and customer-ready.

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Intermediary Services

Helping you shrink costs, sometimes it pays to make direct deliveries to customers. Through the intermediary services offered by Intrepid Sourcing, you can make that a reality, while we can also act as the exporter of record to save taxes, ensuring that ensure total client and supplier confidentiality is guaranteed.

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Why this is Right For You

Intrepid Solutions provides an Energy-Saver Package which ensures you establish the right energy percentage to all your business processes. Ensure a resource protocol that includes risk management and rapid turnaround cases.

Create an energy management process that allows you to put the right fuel to the most important tasks. Focus your energy on the solutions that work!

Start Saving Your Energy Today

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