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You need garment manufacturing abroad with small quantities?

Get the help you need for any quantity and from design to production!

Our Garments Production Package is made for everyone that wants to start or extend their clothing line. Whether startup, small business or established company, we help with all the steps you need to thrive in the clothing industry. We have production facilities in the most important clothing manufacturing locations, from Asian countries such as China and Vietnam to Mexico and other American countries.

There are many aspects that need attention to detail when it comes to the clothing manufacturing process: fabric type, colors and cuts are just some examples that you have to specify when working with any Chinese clothing manufacturer for instance. This coordination often goes wrong. We make sure that you can affordably produce exactly the design you have in mind. Avoid any problems by working with us–an established clothing production company with many overseas suppliers in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh & beyond for you.

Our Overseas Garment Factories Work With

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Why Our Clothing Production Package?

Choosing the perfect overseas clothing manufacturers to save cost!

You only have to give us some basic clothing design ideas or hand drawn simple sketches. That is enough for us to get started; we take care of all the technical aspects of the production process. There is no need for you to know anything about tech packs, fabrics or stitching. Our experts in garment manufacturing will make recommendations based on your design and explain the options to you. From making the professional design files to choosing the best Mexican or Asian clothing manufacturers, you can rely on us that it gets done and implemented well.

Once the design files and specifications in the tech pack are approved by you, we move on to make your custom sample. When this is also approved by you, we can start the mass production. By bundling many smaller orders with our clothing manufacturers in China, Vietnam and beyond, we can offer much smaller minimum quantities than anyone else. We only work with the best and most specialized overseas clothing manufacturers.

How to Get Your Clothes Made From A-Z

1. Develop a Concept

The only thing you have to prepare to get started is any digital image, hand drawing or a reference product with some explanations about what to change. We will go over your design idea in detail before and during the creation of your project.

2. Create a Tech Pack

The tech pack is a collection of design documents that contains all the information about the elements, cuts and colors of your clothing product. Since all industry standards are followed, any clothing manufacturers in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh or elsewhere can use it. You will need this in any case!  

3. Get a Cut Sheet

The sizing for your garment is crucial to assure a good fit and shape. It also has to be considered that width, height and length for the different sizes of your garment will differ. We make sure that the sizing corresponds to your ideas and that it is put on paper in the form of cut sheets!

4. Sample it!

We make a free custom sample for you after doing the full development with us! You can also receive a very comprehensive swatch book when needed. Hold your own clothing design in your hands for the first time! Enjoy and test your product idea.

5. Make the Product

Once you have reviewed, marked changes and approved your sample, the mass production at the overseas clothing manufacturer is arranged. We make sure the best factory is used at the best price for your product and we will monitor the production closely.

6. Quality Control

We also make sure of course that your product turns out as specified in the tech pack. For this reason, we inspect each batch for any possible problems and deviations from the design file at the overseas clothing factory. Rest assured it will turn out great!

Pay As You Go With Our Garment Solution

Design Phase

Design Your Product
$ 97 per design
  • Fashion Design Files
  • Fabric Swatches (Optional)
  • Access to Our Client Portal

Pre-Production Phase

Make Your Samples
$ 97 per design
  • Cut Sheet​
  • Sewing Instructions
  • Free Custom Sample​

Production Phase

Make Your Product
$ 97 per reorder
  • Oversee Production​
  • Quality Control​
  • Monitor Logistics to Door

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t have a minimum order quantity and it depends on your product, but we can offer good pricing usually for order sizes of 10 pieces or similar per design with our overseas clothing manufacturers. We are well aware of the difficulties people have that are just starting out and want to test a new design. Since we bundle many orders from many clients, our clothing manufacturers in China and suppliers in other Asian countries can realize pretty much any project efficiently. Just contact us and we will go over your individual requirements.

You will get your tech pack and cost estimate usually after 5-7 days. The tech pack is crucial to exactly define your design idea in terms that the Asian clothing manufacturers (or in Mexico, depending on your project requirements) understand and know exactly what they have to do. You can take this design file to any overseas clothing manufacturer in any case. For the cost estimate, it’s very important for you as the basis for your business planning, pricing and scaling. Check all documents in detail.

Depending on your garment type, price point and order quantity, we will recommend to produce with partner clothing manufacturers in various countries such as China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Mexico & beyond. They have different strength and are specialized on certain products. We make sure you will get a good deal and great value for your money for every project. Clothing manufacturers China are often a good choice for smaller quantities, since all materials are widely available there and the lead times as well as logistics are fast. Your preferences will be considered when finding the right overseas clothing manufacturer and supply chain aspects as well as lead time requitements will always be taken into consideration.

An additional tech pack is also $97. However, we can give a discount if you want to realize an entire collection of different designs with us. Please just contact us and we will go over your project, since it also depends a bit on how complex your designs are. As your overseas clothing manufacturer, we can realize any project. Whether you only want to do a single design that you always dreamed of or if you are an established designer with a new collection, we can provide all the documentation you need for tech packs, cut sheets and costing. You can also decide later on what designs to realize based on the tech packs.

Yes, we gladly support clothing projects with a more sustainable focus. We offer hemp fabric, bamboo fabric, organic cotton and polyester based on recycled plastic bottles as our most popular sustainable options. Simply get in touch with us and we will check for your individual needs. Our clothing manufacturers in China are great for synthetic fibers and our other Asian clothing manufacturers, such as Vietnam and the Philippines, are great for natural and untreated or naturally dyed fabrics. All materials we use are certified and double checked before being used for your project.

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