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Intrepid Sourcing has the back of many companies that struggle with an overseas reach. Many small businesses have a limited budget and so many great ideas. What is the problem? How to work your small budget around those unique ideas AND manufacture, distribute or connect abroad?

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We provide money saving solutions that allow you to scale your business and cut costs using the following services:

Time Saver Package

All services from the basic Time Saver Package are included in our Money Saver Package. These include Cost Estimate, Product Costing, Lead Time Assessment, Due Diligence and Contract Negotiations. Selected additional services from Intrepid Sourcing offer you security for the whole production process.

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Energy Saver Package

All services from the basic Energy Saver Package are included in our Money Saving Package. These include sample procurement, prototyping, logistics, packaging and intermediary services. Further additional services allow you to fully rely on Intrepid Sourcing for quality related project aspects.

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Supplier Assessment

Here at Intrepid Sourcing, we dig deep into the fundamentals of the supply process, which includes looking in-depth at any supplier and what it has to offer. Through our extensive supplier assessment methods, we can make sure that it meets both industry standards and your standards as a client.

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Quality Control

Quality control is the process that double checks whether your product meets the desired standards and specifications. Intrepid Sourcing provides extensive quality control processes that ensure that your product is fully tested through visual, functional, and handling means prior to shipping.

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Quality Assurance

In contrast to quality control, quality assurance is directed to avoid quality problems before they occur in the first place. Intrepid Sourcing knows how reliable production lines have to be organized and which standards should be followed. We will ensure that this is the case and help the supplier with the implementation.

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Prod. Line Assessment

The production line is the beating heart of any China outsourcing process, which is why it pays to find one that can handle your needs as a client. Intrepid Sourcing conducts an extensive product line assessment, asking the big questions to make sure that the entire production process unfolds without a hitch.

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Why this is Right For You

We designed a special package that guarantees a cost-effective batch of optimal processes. Manage your costs in order to reduce poor investment and risky financial endeavors.

Find the easy way of aligning budget to time, energy and production line. Invest wisely in value and high-quality! We offer you the chance to explore innovation with a limited budget.

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