Improved Prototype Manufacturing in the OEM World

Prototype manufacturing is one of our company’s biggest strengths: You ask us to build a design from scratch, and we find ways to create it. The act of making a prototype, however, is often confused with the act of procuring a sample. Sample procurement is the modification of a product already existing on the market, while prototyping is the creation of a product yet to be produced.

Prototype manufacturing requires lots of time, effort, and resources. This is the same reason why we don’t see a lot of prototype manufacturing companies even though they are active in OEM manufacturing. It also involves a lengthy process (particularly with hardware prototypes) and may include a lot of trial-and-error. Most companies feel there are opportunities lost in this time-consuming process which is why they choose to shy away from this service and focus on other aspects of manufacturing. These companies miss out on being a part of a breakthrough product (which is supposed to be the goal when you’re in a very tough and competitive industry).

Prototyping is used to make the following products: Garments, Plastics, Electronics, and Branded/Logo Items.

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How we Greatly Reduce Costs in Prototype Manufacturing

Expensive costs have always been associated with prototype manufacturing. However, this association forever changed ever since 3D printing technology was introduced. 3D printing allows manufacturers to create prototype models through visual graphics before physical prototyping. This technology allows OEM companies to save thousands of dollars on prototyping and speeds up the process of sending prototype models to clients.

Some clients and manufacturers are hesitant about 3D printing technology years ago since they were used to traditional prototyping but these days more and more sourcing and OEM companies have succumbed to the technology. 3D printing technology has a huge impact on our prototype manufacturing process and is already considered vital to our company.

Advantages of Prototype Manufacturing

Based on our experience, the biggest advantage of prototype manufacturing is the fact we can test the product’s functionality before we mass produce it. This process helps avoid losing money in case it ends up a bad product. Always keep in mind designs and ideas only work as theories until they are further tested out and proven. With a prototype, you can also test out materials used in the product and switch to a different option in case some materials do not perform well. Lastly, you can test the supplier’s ability to create the product. There could be expertise and specific knowledge involved in certain products and some suppliers are not capable of producing them despite their claims of having the ability to do so.

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