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5 Crucial Tips for Importing Wholesale Electronics from Overseas

Here are a few not-your-usual tips when it comes to importing wholesale electronics from overseas. These tips are often overlooked by most traders but comes in very handy for most wholesale electronics businesses,


wholesale electronics have to imported and taken care off for shipping

If your wholesale electronics business has the need to order electronic products from abroad, then you have worries to face such as shipping fees, travel safety and taxes just to name a few. You cannot stay complacent until the electronic products reach your doorstep and this is a normal feeling for most wholesale electronics businesses. Unfortunately, ordering wholesale electronics from abroad is a tricky process. Aside from the risks and unavoidable errors, you really need to learn the ins and outs of it and not simply get acquainted to it.

We have decided to compile the five best tips we can give you when ordering wholesale electronics from abroad. This wiki article aims to enlighten newbies to the wholesale electronics game particularly when ordering or sending electronic products in and out of the country. This article will give you tips and tricks you should note of once you start doing wholesale electronics and having products from abroad. Despite of the increasing competition, there are still many successful people out there.

Tips to Remember When Ordering Electronic Products

1. Enclose Lithium-ion batteries on a separate package.

Most electronic products are powered by Lithium-ion batteries and they are often packaged along with the device. As a safety precaution, this setup is not actually advisable. Lithium-ion batteries can ignite or catch fire if the static electricity builds up within the package. Most electronics wholesale suppliers follow the traditional package for the Lithium-ion batteries but you can always request to enclose them on a separate package.

Even if electronic devices are designed to keep batteries grounded with the power off to avoid static electricity buildup, it is still safe practice to separate the Lithium-ion batteries from the electronic device. This factor greatly reduces the risk of ignition or fire given the length of time between order placement and delivery for transactions abroad.

2. Do not encourage the use of packaging foam.

Packaging materials can also contribute to battery ignition which is why it is imperative to avoid packaging materials described as packing peanuts. These materials can cause a static charge which may start a fire and the primary example for this is the packaging foam. Ask your electronics wholesale supplier to use other packaging materials and avoid packing peanuts for the safety of your wholesale electronics products.

3. Ask the supplier to tape over the switch button.

As part of the product testing process, electronic devices are powered up to make sure they work and there are times wherein the batteries aren’t completely discharged or the units themselves. Once the heat builds up, then a fire could be inevitable which leaves the electronic product damaged. This is the reason why most China wholesale electronics tape over the switch button to make sure the product is inoperable during travel. The taped switch buttons will also serve as a seal once you receive the wholesale electronics products in your warehouse.

4. Take advantage of the bubble wrap and double boxing.

The bubble wrap is the best package to protect fragile products such as electronic devices. Depending on the size of the product, tell your electronics wholesale supplier to use multiple layers of bubble to further protect it from crashes and bumps which could be suffered while importing the product from abroad.  A bubble wrap also serves as an insulator to avoid static electricity buildup and keep the product in cool surroundings. The bubble wrap is now a standard packaging layer for fragile products and this is a normal practice in all of consumer electronics wholesale industry. Read more about electronics packaging here.

Double boxing is another packaging method which you should double check with your electronics wholesale supplier. Putting the electronic device inside of two boxes instead of one minimizes the risk of impact while on transit. It assures the buyer in which the product has never come contact with its outermost layer of packaging given the double boxing plus the layers of bubble wrap.

5. Be informative when dealing with customs forms.

Electronic products are considered as sophisticated items which usually come at a steep price. When dealing with the customs office, always be honest of the electronic devices’ value when filling out the custom forms. The honesty is to your advantage and lying with the numbers can spell some trouble for you later on with taxes and the authorities.

Always keep in mind you get compensated in case accidents and mishaps happen while transporting the items. If you were being dishonest on the price values in order to save off some money out of taxes then you would be on the losing end when accidents and mishaps occur. Honesty is always the best policy even on how to import electronics.

On the other hand, avoid overestimating the prices of your wholesale electronics products as well. In case you declare outstanding amounts instead of their regular prices, you’d be paying excessive customs taxes which may also affect your business budget and finances. Most especially with China wholesale electronics, you would not want to deal with the multiple tax forms you have to pay for your orders.


There are a lot more tips we can give when it comes to ordering wholesale electronics from abroad but we simply picked out the most overlooked tips and not the obvious ones. All of the tips mentioned above on how to import electronics come in handy most especially in the aspect of being able to cut off on possible expenses and keep safe from financial troubles with your wholesale electronics business. The e-commerce outlook for the future is still great.

If you can notice, we have always highlighted the safety of electronic products and avoid fire hazards through the first four tips. We focused on customs issues on the final tip because it is a common problem with other wholesale electronics businesses wherein they try to lie out of electronic product prices in order to save some money. When in fact, being honest is simply the way to go.

For further assistance on ordering wholesale electronics abroad, you can contact us to assist you for this type of service. We are more than willing to help you in your wholesale electronics business.

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