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How to Do Professional Clothing Mockups

A direct advice on how to do professional clothing mockups for free without the help of a professional graphic designer. Free mockup designs will help you save lots of money from your clothing line budget.


How to Do Professional Clothing Mockups

Making your own clothing has never been as trendy as it is today–your own creativity is definitely back in fashion. There is no better way to showcase your clothing product designs other than create clothing mockups. It is also a huge plus if you are able to pull off clothing mockups in a professional manner. Clothing lines usually take advantage of this process before moving on to production to cut off on expenses and also gather feedback from customers regarding the design.

Clothing mockups are usually included within the tech pack of your product which will make it easier for the manufacturer to understand your design for manufacturing. This is our thorough guide on how to do professional clothing mockups and present your garment/apparel products like any professional clothing line should.

making clothing mockups

Standard Clothing Mockup Creation

In the garment industry, the only professional approach to clothing mockups is by illustrating a flat 2D model of the product. This model is a visual representation of how the product looks like in real time. The best way to do this is to work with a graphic designer who will do the magic on a design software and create a flat 2D model according to your specifications. Depending on the complexity of the design, professional graphic designers or product design companies will only take several hours to finish a single mockup design.

The 3D mockup model is also available but the different perspectives it can provide is most of the time unnecessary for garments and apparel which is why the flat 2D model is always the standard for clothing mockups. However, if you feel your product needs a 3D representation then you can opt with the 3D model but do not expect your graphic designer to finish the model in just a few hours. A single 3D mockup model usually takes a day or two because image rendering consumes a lot of time while flat 2D models do not have the need for such rendering time.

Standard clothing mockup creation is a simple task for graphic designers but the biggest downside to this is the amount you are going to pay a professional graphic designer to work for you. Even if you only hire him or her as a freelancer, it will still amount to $100 to $200 depending on the difficulty of the design and the time they should allot for the task. On the other hand, if your company has a budget for this aspect of coordinating with wholesale clothing suppliers then you are rest assured to have a smooth campaign.

clothing mockups

How to Do Clothing Mockups for Free

Unfortunately, not all clothing lines are staffed with their own graphic designers due to lack of funds or any other staffing priority issues. However, this does not mean it is already impossible for them to create a clothing mockup like a flat 2D model for a product or a shirt mockup front and back. If you happened to be one of those garment manufacturers who do not have any graphic designers staffed under your company, then this should be the perfect option for you.

With the help of the internet, we can now create clothing mockups for free. There are several websites out there who can provide mockup free download when you google. Given the privilege of this free service, you should not expect highly of your mockup models with the same level of what professional graphic designers can provide. However, it gets the job done regardless and can still be considered as a semi-professional level presentation. If you need better files, you should get a tech-pack from a professional clothing mockup company.

clothing mockups presentation

Step-by-Step Guide on Creating Clothing Mockups Online

It brings a lot of joy to work on your own clothing designs if you love fashion. There are hundreds of apparel mockup template websites in the internet and each have different ways of presenting their mockup free download services. However, it is safe to say the pattern for this type of service is basically the same for most sites and will only differ in terms or a few steps. Here is a step by step guide on how to create free clothing mockups online. Take note these steps are not based on any website but is just a summarized assumption of what most websites do. Also, these websites do not create the design but simply assists on creating the clothing mockup.

  1. The first step is to let you choose a mockup template where you can put your design on. There are different apparel mockup templates available in websites and some of the most common ones are those who have preset backgrounds and there are also others which allows you to isolate the design or still photo with a matching background. Depending on your preference, there will surely be a perfect mockup template to your liking.
  2. The second step is when you upload your design to the website and be placed on the chosen template. This is where the actual work comes in since you will be in charge of customization. You have the freedom to resize, reposition and edit the mockup according to your desired results.
  3. Once everything is ready, you can now download the clothing mockup for free or share it through a unique URL provided by the website. Most websites usually offer the highest resolution possible for the mockup free downloads because manufacturers often require these mockups to come as high resolution images for better clarity.
  4. You can further edit the simple pictures with photoshop or similar on your computer. This gives you more flexibility.


Creating clothing mockups online is not only an option limited for small clothing businesses and freelance clothing entrepreneurs because even established garment manufacturers have already taken advantage of this option for their clothing mockup needs. Their graphic designers can now solely focus on the design and use the online mockup generator as a tool to automate the process. It provides better efficiency which could speed up the entire tech pack process.

Doing professional clothing mockups is no longer a hard task which only needs experts on the field of graphic design. With the arrival of online clothing mockup websites, the product design and development can now be done by regular people who at least have basic knowledge on designing garments. These clothing mockup websites is indeed a welcome development for the garment industry but at the same time does not take anything away from the opportunities for professional graphic designers. It only provides leverage in the aspect of clothing mockup creation.

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