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How to: New Product Development Process for Electronics

Explore the modern product development process for electronics. Electronic design and development has never been made easier and affordable since we started offering our Electronics Production Package.


product development process for electronics should follow certain steps

A lot of small businesses get intimidated of starting an electronics product development because their expected quantity may be too small for such a huge industry. At this day and age, this should no longer be an issue because there are already companies like us who can help you make this dream possible.

Our Electronics Production Package is perfect for startup entrepreneurs who are new to product development process for electronics. The package makes the entire production process more affordable and accessible for everyone who are still new to the industry. Our Electronics Production Package is not only limited to PCB design and creation but also extends all the way up to case molding and other aspects of electronic design and development.

The Electronics Production Package cover many aspects of electronic product design and development from PCB design and assembly up to the end of the production line. Our company, with the help of other professional electronic manufacturers, will assist you to create your electronic product from scratch or innovate existing products already out in the market today.

Our expertise and knowledge in this industry will help towards cost reduction and achieve your electronic product design despite having small orders of standard electronic components. The Electronics Production Package is designed to help small businesses save time, money and effort in achieving their respective electronic product ventures.

product development process for electronics

Why Choose an Electronics Production Package?

You don’t have to be an industry expert or an electrical engineer to get started with a product development process for electronics. Our company can take care of the knowledge and expertise departments as we sort things out for you on your electronic business company. All we need are your inputs on design, functionality and ideas to create your electronic product. Our production team will work alongside with you in every step of the production process until we achieve the end product. Best practices can be found here that are built around agile principles.

We will create a PCB prototype which can be tested and debugged to make sure you get all the functions you need. The PCB design and functionality is critical to the outcome of any electronic product. The exterior design should also accentuate the functionality which the PCB boasts of. The final product prototype will become the basis once we integrate your electronic product for mass production. Your electronic product will be manufactured to the level of the best electronic manufacturing companies out there.

product development process for electronic products

How to Develop an Electronics Product

1. Start with a concept.

Developing a concept is the first major step in any type of product manufacturing. We will then brainstorm and come up with the PCB design needed for your product based on your specifications and functionality needed. Our graphic design team will then produce a 2D mockup design as a design template.

2. Creating a 3D model of the product.

After the client approves the 2d mockup design, we will now work on to create a 3D design as the final design template before moving on to the next step of electronic product development. The 3D model is necessary to get an actual feel of the product along with all the details and specs. A step that you normally need a separate product design agency for.

3. Designing the PCB.

Now we get into the proper phase of electronic design and development by creating a layout of your PCB. Our electrical engineers will supervise the process and make sure you come up with a circuit board which is cost-effective and has a practical size. The final step on this electronic design and development phase is the debugging of any possible flaws of the PCB design.

4. Create a PCB & product prototype.

Prototyping is arguably the most crucial in electronic product and design and development process. Some issues may only arise once a prototype is made and you hold the actual product in your hands. Expect some back and forth processes and revisions until the perfect prototype is achieved.

5. Costing process and bill of materials.

Once the product prototype is done, we will conduct a costing process to summarize all of the materials needed along with their respective costs. This way, we can look for the best suppliers which can help you save money out of your total expenses without sacrificing the quality of your electronic product design.

6. Getting ready for mass production.

The final phase of the electronic product development process is to arrange with factories to include your product in the production line. It would be ideal if you work with a single factory for the PCB manufacturing and electronic product assembly instead of working with separate factories for the respective processes. Outsourcing manufacturing in a clever way is key for affordable and good quality manufacturing.

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