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Outsourcing Injection Mold Manufacturing to China: The 3 Main Advantages

Learn about outsourcing injection molding in China to avoid in-house injection molding which is costly and could be detrimental to the progress of your injection mold manufacturing.


Plastic manufacturing is one of China’s industry strengths. The country has always emerged as a leader all over the world when it comes to producing top quality plastics. Because of this fact, it is safe to say they are an elite country when it comes to injection mold manufacturing. They have the right personnel equipped with top level skills and knowledge to perform injection molding.

If you happen to be one of those plastic manufacturing companies having problems with injection molding, you should start thinking about outsourcing injection molding in China for your own benefit. In-house injection molding can be costly and could lead to a lot of issues in your operations which is why outsourcing injection molding in China makes perfect sense. Here are three major reasons why you should outsource injection molding to China, as it will still play a significant role in the future.

outsourcing injection mold cuts down costs

Cut Down Costs & Expenses

Hiring an injection mold maker in China allows you to reduce plastic manufacturing costs in numerous aspects. The biggest upside to this is you do not sacrifice quality, production efficiency or any other manufacturing factors in doing so. However, you should have proper quality assurance in place and work with verified factories. Your standard operations remain the same except injection molding is removed from your manufacturing processes and you are now paying a third-party injection molding manufacturing company in China to do it for you. Let us break down the aspects where you are able to save money and cut down expenses from outsourcing injection mold manufacturing. Tariffs on an injection molds are no big problem at the moment.

1. Reduce equipment costs

Once you outsource plastic injection molding to China, there would be no need for you to purchase an injection molding machine for in-house operations. The machine itself is a major part of your investment money and the cost can now be reduced by renting injection molding services all the way in China. Since there is no need to own an injection molding machine, you would also be able to dodge the need to purchase quality assurance tools, packaging devices and other equipment needed for the plastic injection molding process. Also, there are many options for companies that build prototypes so that you can lower your set up cost right along with it.

2. Dodge maintenance costs

Having an injection molding machine as part of your in-house operations includes maintenance costs. The molding machine is a complex device and you need to allot time and money for its regular checkup and maintenance. The worse news is when your molding machine is up for repairs. Repairing advanced machines requires special skill which means the service fee for it does not come cheap. If you outsource the molding process, then these costs are now shouldered by your mold manufacturer in China.

3. Save up on personnel salaries

Having an injection molding machine will require you to hire personnel with certified skills and qualifications in operating such machinery. These specialists are not your average workers due to their skill specialization and would normally demand salaries higher than your average factory worker. Once you outsource plastic injection molding to China, you are able to dodge their salaries and not to mention the time you save from looking for these so-called injection molding machine specialists.

outsourcing injection molds can increase production

Better Quality

China mold makers are arguably the best in the manufacturing industry. As a powerhouse in the world of plastic, Chinese mold manufacturers can provide your company extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to plastic injection molding. This factor should result to having better quality molds which will eventually be evident in your plastic products. The overall efficiency of the manufacturing process will not only impact your production but your entire business operation.

Injection molding is a complex process which you cannot learn overnight. Despite having the internet and all of these resources we have in the present day, experience is not something which you can simply preach. This is the biggest advantage of Chinese mold makers who have been working on plastic injection molding for decades and as companies solely dedicated in injection mold manufacturing. They are also up to date with research and development on this particular field.

Mold manufacturers in China also have the privilege to resources such as QA certifications, proper training, QA tools and practices symposiums which are very common in China in support of their dominance in the plastic manufacturing industry. All these resources give their employees an advantage and be a step ahead compared to other countries when it comes to injection mold manufacturing and other aspects of plastic manufacturing.

outsourcing injection molds can be more efficient

Excellent Production Support

Once you outsource injection molding to China, you do not only pay for injection mold manufacturing but you also gain access to their equipment, resources and most importantly, working culture. Being exposed to their work ethics and culture in terms of plastic manufacturing is a big boost for your company and this advantage is often overlooked by a lot of plastic businesses. You get to experience an efficient streamlined manufacturing process with the right backup options in place in case things go awry.

The Chinese mold maker you will hire is not only a third-party service but is actually a business partner which will provide you excellent production support which virtually connects your plastic company to them. The service will not only be limited to injection mold manufacturing but will also include assistance to design conception, engineering, sampling and other facts of manufacturing. Your partnership with them can also serve as mentorship which could be beneficial to your up and coming plastic business for many years to come.


Outsourcing injection mold manufacturing to China is not simply about being cost-effective, be able to cut down on expenses and save time. The benefits you get go beyond the financial perspective yet they are often overlooked since they aren’t so evident unlike profit and costs which can easily be seen through accounting.

If you are a smart businessman, you should acknowledge how the presence of a Chinese mold maker can and outsourcing injection mold can impact your company in ways more than in a financial standpoint. The knowledge, skills and resources you gain access to are a great bargain compared to what you pay them for their services. All of these reasons make outsourcing injection mold manufacturing to China the smartest thing to do, especially when combined with assembly and custom product packaging.

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