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Shipping Clothes from Overseas: Top 6 Things to Know when Importing

Get to know important tips on how to ship clothing and find out the answers to frequently asked questions when shipping wholesale custom clothing. This wiki article will enlighten your doubts on importing clothes from overseas.


Shipping Clothes from Overseas: Top 6 Things to Know when Importing

Shipping products from overseas used to be a scary concept because there have been numerous stories wherein the product was not received by the buyer even after it has already been paid. Some instances involved receiving a damaged wholesale clothing and the courier service not claiming to be liable for their carelessness. There are a lot of tragic stories out there involving shipping which makes it a terror issue for consumers.

As time went by, shipping and courier services have vastly improved. There are already a lot of companies which are reliable when it comes to this type of service. We can also directly attribute this to the emergence of e-commerce wherein a lot of people prefer to shop online instead of traditional shopping. There could still be isolated cases of bad news regarding shipping but it is safe to say people can now trust shipping and courier services more than ever.

Importing Clothes from Overseas: The FAQs

If you are in the manufacturing industry and your bread and butter is importing clothes from overseas, shipping definitely plays a huge role in your business operations. This will be your only means in receiving wholesale clothing products from overseas. Discussing the aspect of shipping is a rarity in the internet which is why we have decided to entertain FAQs regarding shipping, courier services and how to ship clothes.

  1. What is the standard when it comes to shipping wholesale custom clothing?

Even if they are sold in a wholesale package and not per piece, you should expect your clothes to be safely packaged in a clear plastic for each piece and they are stored in a packaging box by batches. This is the standard packaging for all types of clothing whether wholesale custom clothing or retail which are bound to be shipped.

  1. What is the cheapest way to ship clothes?

Shipping fees vary from one courier to another and I fairly think there is no way to answer this question. The same logic applies on shipping fees wherein the higher quantity means lower prices and vice versa. Weight and volume would also be factors to your shipping expenses including taxes and insurance costs. When shipping with sea freight, there is a minimum volume at 3 cubic meters for your products to be shipped.

  1. How long does it take to ship wholesale clothing?

The answer to this depends on your location and the distance between your factory and store location or warehouse. Obviously, air freight is faster than sea freight. On average, it takes 7-10 business days to ship wholesale clothing from the manufacturer to the warehouse assuming air freight world wide. Containers take about a month to go from one continent to another.

  1. What does Ex-Works mean in the field of shipping?

When all of your payment obligations to the manufacturer are already paid. You will have to right away arrange the shipping process of your wholesale custom clothing with the shipping company of your choice. This is the Ex-Works process where the manufacturer just hands you over the responsibility for the goods as soon as they are done.

  1. Does having a shipping account contradict with shipping services of wholesale clothing manufacturers?

Having a shipping account makes it more convenient for you to ship clothes. Even if the manufacturing company you are working with already have shipping & logistics companies they are comfortably working with. It is your privilege to choose the courier service of your liking. Simply give them your shipping account details and they will automatically arrange the shipment of your wholesale custom clothing.

  1. What are the terms and conditions in case the wholesale clothing products get lost or damaged during the shipping process?

As long as the products are within the shipping company’s premises, then they are liable in case the wholesale clothing products are damaged or lost. If your wholesale clothing products are insured, then the insurance company will also compensate you if anything happens to the wholesale clothing products. However, keep in mind the shipping company’s liabilities is only limited during the shipping process and does not cover anywhere beyond.

The following questions are the most frequently asked regarding shipping issues with wholesale custom clothing products. There could be other questions on this issue but we cannot cover everything in a single wiki article. Other important things you need to note are shipping services for wholesale clothing manufacturing are abundant and most of them offer the same type of services. There can never be a huge disparity when it comes to services and fees they can provide.

Choosing for a shipping company you can work with for your wholesale clothing products is not actually a tough task. In fact, these shipping companies will actually be the ones who will pursue you as a client once they hear of your business operations. Simply make sure you review their terms and conditions before picking your courier choice.

You also have to double check their packaging standards for shipping procedures. Feel free to ask for their past and current clients to verify their shipping services and make sure your wholesale clothing products are all received intact and in perfect condition. There are even other clients who test out a shipping company by placing small orders first simply to test the waters. Once you experience first-hand of their services, you can now entrust them with your wholesale clothing products and ship massively.

We recommend to check out the document requirements lined out on the website of large logistics companies such as DHL or FedEx. For importing clothes from overseas or anything else, you can find directly applicable information on shipping into the US, into Canada, into Europe, and into Australia.


The thriving manufacturing industry allowed shipping services to flourish as well. What used to be a terror for wholesale clothing manufacturers can now be trusted and relied on. There are still shipping companies who are subpar when it comes to their service provision and instances of lost or damaged wholesale clothing products can still happen. However, these cases are isolated and rare nowadays when importing clothes from overseas. Most of the time, shipping companies shoulder such mishaps and are always held responsible for such shortcomings.

If you are into wholesale clothing manufacturing, you need not worry of shipping services. It is a bright time for manufacturing and you can expect to find a shipping company you can easily work with and build your trust around.

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