Zhuhai on the Rise

Located in the center of the Pearl River Delta (PRD), Zhuhai is one of China’s four original Special Economic Zones (SEZs) established in 1980. The city borders Macau to the south and is about one hour away from Guangzhou by car. In the past three decades, Zhuhai has experienced strong economic growth due to its geographical proximity to Hong Kong and Macau, and is the only deep-water port on the western side of the Pearl River.

In 2013, Zhuhai’s GDP reached RMB 166.2 billion, up 10.5 % from the year previous. The 6 major industries of the city include electronic information, bio-pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, electrical appliances, precision machinery manufacturing and energy. Moreover, the city is already connected to major metropolitan centers in the Pearl River Delta through the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Zhuhai super high way. All in all, these factors will enhance the trade and economy in Zhuhai, making international trade easier among Zhuhai and Zhuhai-related areas in the near future.