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Introductory Series

demand forecasting introduction demand planning and forecasting - Intrepid Sourcing

How to Provide Quality Demand Planning and Forecasting?

A basic overview of how we conduct demand planning and forecasting as part of our...
intermediary services introduction intermediary services - Intrepid Sourcing

A Simple View on Professional Intermediary Services

A basic overview of how we do intermediary services for our clients as part of...
quality control introduction quality control plan - Intrepid Sourcing

Quality Control Plan in the Industry of Manufacturing

A basic overview of how we establish a quality control plan as part of our...

Learn More About Sourcing & Production

Our manufacturing blog revolves around topics connected to the sourcing and production of physical goods. We regularly publish blog posts on related issues such as common manufacturing problems, sourcing strategies, procurement in overseas, supply chain management, and production project planning tips. The geographical focus of our manufacturing blog is on Asia, with special consideration for China, which remains the biggest and most popular manufacturing outsourcing destination. Our objective for this manufacturing blog is to provide you with practical and applicable information that is based on popular theories and our experience managing the supply chain for various goods and clients. Don’t forget to also check out our trade wiki and industry reports.

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Chemicals that are Banned Worldwide

The intricacy of the chemical process involves various stages wherein some chemicals become hazardous due...

Entering the Chinese Market

Success in China is all but guaranteed. Many large international companies have tried entering the...
chinese currency

A Tough Nut to Crack: The Chinese Market

With continued growth and a rising level of disposable income among citizens, large profits can...

Economics Related Posts

Logstics, Transportation

China’s Infrastructure Projects

Targets set out by the Chinese government have recently focused on infrastructure projects. Amid high...
Aerial view industry factory of Urumqi

China’s 5 Year Renewable Energy Plan

China has announced a $365bn investment into renewable energies.  Fossil fuels may have been the...
Chinese Economy in 2017 what is in the cards

Chinese Economy in 2017

The Chinese economy in 2017 appears uncertain. Analysts originally predicted a turbulent year for the...

Manufacturing Related Posts

Are Plastic Products Safe?

Potentially harmful plastic additives have to be distinguished between the different kinds of plastic. Several...
Taiwanese Manufacturing of PCB

Consumer Electronics Made in China

Chinese consumer electronic companies are successfully supplying the world for years. While they usually only...
Aerial view industry factory of Urumqi

Safety Testing Regulation Standards on Industrial Chemicals

Due to the drastic increase in demand for different chemicals, the trade environment is seen...
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