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Why Our Strategic Sourcing Solutions?

Each package is a sourcing solution crafted for your given situation. Our strategic sourcing solutions not only save you money but also give you certainty that everything is covered. More importantly, we build off this framework and tailor the individual package and sourcing solution for your needs.

Any sourcing solution you get is created as a stand-alone solution. Simply put, it is a sourcing solution for a specific problem. However, our classical sourcing solutions, customized white label solutions and individual OEM sourcing solutions can naturally be combined with other services to include retail product packaging solution or logistics solutions.

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When evaluating strategic sourcing solutions, you are likely facing several challenges at the same time. As a result, you may be unsure where to start. No need to fear, our service packages cover the most common production challenges.

Each is based on a different scenario we have commonly experienced in the past and covers supplier management solutions minimizing cost and supplier risk management solutions protecting your investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our OEM sourcing solutions are split up into the three most common product categories in this field: Garments Production Package, Electronics Production Package and Plastics Production Package.

Depending on the type of product you are manufacturing, we suggest picking any of the plastic, garment, or electronic solution for starters to build their product. Other packages will come in handy later on during advanced stages of manufacturing.

It is mainly because of the supplier assessment procedure we do for our clients which are included in this package. A lot of manufacturers have bad experiences in dealing with suppliers which caused a loss of money or even bankruptcy. This factor alone makes this package critical to the business.

Unfortunately, our services are limited in terms of manufacturing and production. However, we have a network of connections we can refer to you for marketing needs once your product is ready.

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