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When deciding what is best for your company, we take into account the three most important dimensions: Schedule, Power and Budget. Each service is carefully design to suit an amount of energy that you should give without limiting you; this way you can attend all your dreams related to your business while we take care of the practical side. Budgets end up being the main problem of businesses; however with Intrepid Sourcing we source the best solutions for a cost-effective process.

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About Our Service Packages

Time Saver Package

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Designed for businesses that dread deadlines and late deliveries our Time Saver Package will offer the best time management. We make sure your product line is completed in time including product changes and modifications; also with our Time Saver Package you have a guarantee that your supplier will deliver in time. Our team supervises all the processes so you don’t have to wait. Plus, you will always be ready for winning the market’s best opportunities.

Energy Saver Package

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Use your energy in a smart way. We have designed the Energy Saver Package thinking of flexibility and rapid solutions. It is also personalized according to your company’s needs and suited for the Chinese market where efficiency is quite important. Save Energy and Succeed.

Money Saver Package

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Eliminate your financial worries with an expert solution for budget management. We prepared a Money Saver Package with the scope of serving companies in reducing costs, improving budget spending protocols and preparing a long-time financial plan.

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