Customized White & Private Label Manufacturing

All-In-One Solution For Building Your Brand

Want to build a brand with existing products that have more than a personal touch?

We help small and medium-sized enterprises!

The White/Private Label Package was created for small businesses and newcomers that want to get existing products. Whether it is about starting a retail brand or simply needing branded products for your company, we help getting them precisely what they need. Our white/private label manufacturing solution maximizes the limited customization potential of existing product designs and minimizes all associated risks.

Start your white label manufacturing project the right way. Small differences between white label products can make a huge difference regarding price and quality. Build your own brand and get custom packaging using our white label manufacturing solution. Avoid intellectual property right (IPR) infringements, insufficient product certifications, bad customs research and poor white label manufacturer choice.

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Why our White Label Solution?

Professional manufacturing services, better value!

White labeling a product is all about getting the product now. Our all-inclusive white label services bring your product to your door at the speed you need. As a premier white label company and service provider, we are able to streamline your production and mitigate all associated risks.

Making use of overseas white label manufacturers is a daunting task. Ordering anything simply on online puts you at risk with respect to quality, and the customization or branding potential are much lower than they could be. Furthermore, many cheap suppliers are not even visible on these platforms and product variety seems not as big as it is in reality.

How You Get Your White Label Product

1. Apply Your Design & Branding

By creating product and packaging mockups, we help you visualizing the design options you have. Any custom packaging can be realized. We take your design to the white label factory ensuring that the product looks just the way you want.

2. Compare Manufacturers

We’ll review a large number of relevant white label manufacturers. The exact product specifications, pricing and quality have to be compared. We make sure that you get your white label product with the quality required at the lowest market price.

3. Get Customized Samples

It is crucial that you can see and feel how your product will actually be. We hence send you a product and packaging sample that is customized with your personal design. Enjoy money towards your sample!

4. Assure Correct Certifications & IPR

We make sure that you have the correct product certifications that are required for importing your product. Another aspect are the intellectual property rights (IPR). Rest assured that the white label production company is not infringing any patents that you could be made liable for.

5. Start Production

Once you’re happy with the design and custom sample, we will start mass production at the perfect white label manufacturer. We watch over the entire production process to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

6. Quality Control & Logistics

Every production batch at the white label production company is double checked for potential problems. We also work with you to get your product from the white label factory to your warehouse seamlessly. Deliver a perfect product in no time!

Pay As You Go With Our White Label Solution

Design Phase

For Technical Drawing
$ 97 per product
  • Product & Packaging Concept Design
  • Product Review
  • Certification Report
  • Instant Access to Our Client Portal

Pre-Production Phase

For Samples
$ 397 per sample
  • Product Costing
  • IPR & Customs Research
  • Design Files
  • $50 Toward Custom Product Sample


For Reorders
$ 97 per order
  • Finalize & Oversee Production
  • Quality Control
  • Logistics Report
  • Direct Delivery to You, DDP (Optional)

Frequently Asked Questions

They are commonly used synonymously. Strictly speaking a white label product is simple getting an existing design from a manufacturer, while a private label product is getting an exclusive existing design form a manufacturer. This exclusivity is usually limited to a certain product and a certain market. However, white label manufacturers rarely do that as long as you are not one of their most important customers. We can arrange a legally binding exclusivity arrangement for you.

The white label package is catered to companies looking to manufacture products that already exist on the market. These are usually standard product designs or widespread products. It has the advantage the there are basically no product development costs and it’s fast and cheap to order; however, similar products will be more widespread. You only need the garments, plastics or electronics solution when you’re looking to make a custom product that is more than changing colors, logos, packaging and similar smaller aspects.

Yes! We earn money from providing quality white label services, not from acting as a shady intermediary that just adds a markup. We are proud that we have many clients that regularly order private and white label products through us, because they value the convenience, the customization potential and the significantly smaller risk exposure. Best of all, we can still provide very competitive prices so that our services usually pay for themselves!

Most white label production companies have low minimum order quantities (MOQs). It depends on your product, how much customization you want and what your target price is. We do white label manufacturing for many small customer companies and routinely help them to buy just a few hundred pieces. Contact us now and we can give you more specific information based on your product!

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