Reliable Electronics Production

For SMEs with a Creative Idea

Do you have concerns...

...about getting inferior electronics?

The greatest risk of electronics production is ensuring that the factory provides you with a product tailored directly to your customers’ needs. This means achieving the exact quality and specification you are looking for. Whether targeting price conscientious or quality-oriented consumers, we ensure that the product characteristics are exactly what you need. Our Electronics Production Package helps you to cover every step from product development to mass production.

Here is How We Can Help…

We can make setting up your electronics production line much more efficient. Intrepid Sourcing came up with a specifically tailored scheme for new entries on the market that saves up time, energy and money. Our Electronic Production Package takes specifically care of needs of electronics producers. Plus, we give up to $200 toward the first prototype!

Our Electronics Production Package is tailored to cover all the production setup issues and ensures the result of a flawless product with:

1. Develop a Concept

We construct a sketch based on your ideas; you can send hand drawing or digital image for better visualization. Together, we form a fine sketch for your products.

2. Create 3D Drawing

We put up a 3D design that helps you get a coherent understanding of your potential product. We work on the design until you are completely satisfied with it.

3. Design the Printed Circuit Board

We create the layout of the electronics board that shall be used to make the product. Our production experts ensure the design works exactly as needed for the final product.

4. Create a Bill of Materials

We also prepare a list of the materials that go into production. We shall choose the highest quality of materials and a competitive market price. Afterward, we make the prototype of your design.

5. Debug the Product

The next step is to debug the product of any flaws that might appear. We are looking to create a trouble-free production line. We solve issues in the electronics and plastic. As soon as we receive the green light, we make the product.

6. Develop the Packaging

A successful product is presented in an impeccable package. We develop a package design together with our client that suits the greatest standards of branding.

7. Quality Control

Intrepid Sourcing has created production solutions which include a secure supervision. Each step is under the attention of a quality control system that looks for flaws in products and processes. We identify them and solve them before it’s too late.

For $2,500

Our electronics production package provides the following services:


Design Work

Bill of

and Testing

Quality Control


First Time Users get $200 off Their First Prototype!

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