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Want to develop an electronics product but have low quantities?

We help small and medium-sized enterprises!

We created the Electronics Production Package to suit start-ups and newcomers to the electronics production process making affordable custom electronics accessible to everyone. Our Electronics Production Package is made for people that want to create their own printed circuit board (PCB) and integrate it to a plastic case or other product.

The electronics production process requires attention to many aspects: internal PCB design, external case design, PCB assembly and the production line. Our electronics manufacturers allow you to adapt existing products or create your own from scratch. Using standard electronics parts and bundling small orders reduces cost. Our Electronics production solution is geared towards saving time, energy and money so you can minimize your investment by working with us–an experienced electronic contract manufacturing company.

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Why our Electronics Production Package?

Choosing the right electronics manufacturers to lower costs!

You don’t need to know anything about electronics manufacturing to get started, because we help you with the technical side of the electronics production process. Just provide us with some basic sketches, design & functionality files or reference products. Then our electronics production experts will guide you through the necessary steps to make custom electronics. From design to functionality, we usually handle everything.

Afterward, we develop a PCB prototype testing and debugging the functions you need. The circuit board design is crucial for creating a high quality product. Taking care of the exterior of your product, such as plastics, is directly related. We make sure that the printed circuit board design and overall product design go hand in hand. You will have a fully functioning prototype quickly that we can integrate into the mass production lines at the best electronics manufacturing companies.

Want to Add Your Brand to an Existing Product?

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How You Get Your Electronics Product

1. Develop a Concept

The first step of any electronics manufacturing project is the concept. We consult you on the product and review the PCB design needed to bring your product idea to life. Afterward, we provide a 2D mockup of your creation to review the basics and certifications required.

2. Create a 3D Drawing

Once the 2D mockups are approved by you, we work with our team of engineers to create the 3D rendering of your electronics design. In this way, you can get a 360° view of the product and review every detail. From this design, we can troubleshoot mechanical problems.

3. Design the Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Our engineers create the layout and design of the printed circuit board which is used to operate your item. Once completed, we coordinate with the electronics manufacturing companies to consider mass production aspects. The final design step is to debug the product of any flaws that might appear.

4. Get the Product & PCB Prototype

Electronics prototyping is crucial in the product development process, because some issues become only apparent when you hold your product in your hands. We work with specialized PCB prototype manufacturers that deliver custom parts quicker than regular printed circuit board manufacturers.

5. Finalize the Bill of Materials

Once the design and the prototype are completed, we generate a final list of materials so we can figure out where bottlenecks in production at the electronics manufacturers might be located. Once this document is established, we are able to plan mass production.

6. Arrange Production with QC

The final step in the electronics development process is to set up the production line at the printed circuit board manufacturer and electronics manufacturing factory. We inspect each production batch for any possible issues and help you to deliver a perfect electronics product.

Pay As You Go With Our Electronics Solution

Design Phase

For Concept Development
$ 197 per design
  • Concept Design Files & BOM
  • Product Review
  • Certification Report

Pre-Production Phase

For Prototypes
$ 797 per prototype
  • Product Costing
  •  Circuit Diagram & PCB Design
  • Technical Design Files

Production Phase

For Orders
$ 497 per order
  • Finalize & Oversee Production
  • Quality Control
  •  Logistics Report

Frequently Asked Questions

This is primarily an OEM solution catered to electronic production companies of new custom products. If you are looking to add your logo to an existing electronics product, feel still free to contact us. We also cater to the needs of private or white label electronics customers. There is no clean cut in the degree of customization, and we are more than happy helping you online to approach electronics manufacturing in your individual case.

The exact minimum order quantity (MOQ) highly depends on your individual product and PCB design. Due to bundling many small custom electronics orders, we can accommodate smaller orders than virtually any other electronic contract manufacturing company. However, we would generally recommend to make at least 100 pieces to start with. A good solution for low volume products is to look for similar existing items and move towards increasing customization with each order.

We are sole manufacturing and product design consultancy company. We make a living off people trusting us with their product design ideas and don’t to sell any products ourselves anywhere. Furthermore, we are willing to sign any non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or confidentiality agreement (CA). When you are ready for mass production, we have the experience to set up and enforce product design protection in the most common Asian manufacturing countries.

No, you can test us by just making use of as your product design company and take your technical files anywhere else for development or manufacturing. We hope that we can convince you to also do production planning and mass production with us, but this is completely up to you.

Yes, we are willing to sign any non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or confidentiality agreement (CA). We also have customers that are large multinational companies who trust us and we don’t manufacture or distribute any products ourselves–we exclusively focus on providing quality electronics manufacturing services (EMS). Furthermore, there is always the much larger risk that foreign electronics suppliers offer your design to other clients and we know how to prevent that.

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