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Are you looking to launch an electronics product...

...but are afraid of bad quality?

This service is for start-ups looking to develop customized electronic products and are looking to partner with electronics manufacturing companies. This solution will ensure your product has low defects and great quality.  Electronics manufacturing has never been as lucrative and accessible. Our solution is geared towards saving time, energy and money so you can minimize your investment while testing your product.

New Brand with Smaller Volume?

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Why our Electronics Production Package?

Professional Services, better value!

As one of the leading electronic manufacturing services companies providing low cost solutions, we provide affordable production plans and products for entrepreneurs.  To that end, our solution works with electronics manufacturing companies that can cater to startups. Our goal is to save time, energy and money so you can minimize your investment while testing your product.

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Our Process in a Nutshell

1. Develop a Concept

The first step of any electronics production line is the design. We consult you on the product and review the services needed to bring your production to life. Afterward, provide a 2d mockup of your product to review in detail. 

2. Create 3D Drawing

Once the 2d drawings are finished, we work with our team of engineers to create the 3d rendering of your design. In this way, you can get a 360 view of the product and every detail of your design. From this design, we can troubleshoot the mechanical problems.

3. Design the Printed Circuit Board

We coordinate with 3 electronics manufacturing companies to create the layout of the electronics used to make the product. Once complete, we create electrical schematics and PCB design which is used to operate your item.

4. Create a Bill of Materials

Once the design and the electronics are finished, we generate a list of materials so we can figure out where the bottleneck in production is located. Once, this document is established, we’ll be able to start pre-production.

5. Debug the Product

The next step is to debug the product of any flaws that might appear. We solve issues in the electronics and plastic by reviewing all the product flaws. As soon as we receive the green light, we make the product.

Our Electronics Production Package

Provides the following services starting at $397
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Included Features
  • Product Concept Design
  • Product Review
  • Certification Report





Included Features
  • Design Pack
  • Finalized Circuit Diagram
  • 1 PCB Design
  • External 3d Files
  • $100 Toward Samples




Included Features
  • Pre-Production Pack
  • Production Monitoring (2 Months)
  • Free Packaging Design
  • Free Packaging Sample
  • $200 Toward a Sample

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to just want to add my brand to an existing product?

This is an OEM service catered to new electronic production companies. If you are looking to add your logo, we would encourage you to check out this solution: White Label Solution

What is the smallest quantity I can make?

In general, we would encourage you to make over 500 pieces. Most electronics manufacturing companies will try to accommodate less, but this is not guaranteed

Where are your factories located?

Like most electronics manufacturing companies, we manufacture in Asia. Unfortunately, there are no good on-shore/near shore solutions in the USA, Canada or Mexico.

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