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About Us And Our Achievements

Intrepid Sourcing has successfully completed a large number of production projects in the past. Regardless of the individual requirements of our customers, we could provide them with the sourcing, white labeling, or custom design (OEM) production solutions they needed. We pride ourselves on the fact that we always managed to comply with all timelines and cost requirements. From multinational companies to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs, our expertise lead to highly appreciated results.

The greatest achievement for our company is being able to stand by the side of our clients with effective solutions. With each project, we create a personal procurement strategy that focuses on maximizing the benefits for our clients starting from a product idea to its realization. Stick with us and your success will be part of our achievements. Learn more about our mission here.

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Our Services

Intrepid Sourcing bases its service packages on tailored solutions. Your particular requirements are our guidelines for creating the most cost-effective and practicable production projects. We offer a wide range of customizable services and solutions packages that help you to bring any kind of product to life.

We take care of each step in the production process and we make sure that your products truly fulfill your and your customers’ expectations. We are accessing and improving the supply chain from the very beginning to the very end. With years of experience, a huge supplier network and profound knowledge, we can offer competitively priced solutions with unrivaled quality and reliability.

Solutions for All

Our solutions are can match a wide variety of our client’s needs. Whether a small startup with a concept idea to a large company holding a license, we can work with you to achieve your goals quickly.

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Product Costing

Costing is particularly relevant when it comes to highly customized production lines (OEM). In contrast to a regular and more straightforward cost estimate, many more aspects such as raw materials and components have to be considered separately. This requires a more thorough but also more rewarding costing process.

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Supplier Assessment

Here at Intrepid Sourcing, we dig deep into the fundamentals of the supply process, which includes looking in-depth at any supplier and what it has to offer. Through our extensive supplier assessment methods, we can make sure that it meets both industry standards and your standards as a client.

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Quality Control

Quality control is the process that double checks whether your product meets the desired standards and specifications. Intrepid Sourcing provides extensive quality control processes that ensure that your product is fully tested through visual, functional, and handling means prior to shipping.

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Quality Assurance

In contrast to quality control, quality assurance is directed to avoid quality problems before they occur in the first place. Intrepid Sourcing knows how reliable production lines have to be organized and which standards should be followed. We will ensure that this is the case and help the supplier with the implementation.

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Prod. Line Assessment

The production line is the beating heart of any China outsourcing process, which is why it pays to find one that can handle your needs as a client. Intrepid Sourcing conducts an extensive product line assessment, asking the big questions to make sure that the entire production process unfolds without a hitch.

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Our People

A well-qualified and carefully selected team is at your disposal providing you with transparent documentation, constant updates and any information that you might need. Having people from various countries working with us, we provide you with the cultural and linguistic expertise that is needed for organizing manufacturing projects between East and West.

Our production consultants have embraced the dynamism of producing in Asian countries that other procurement companies lack. Unlike them, our foreign staff speaks, reads and writes different Asian languages. All our production consultants streamline the outsourcing experience by applying modern sourcing techniques necessary for production. Most of our employees worked in related business areas before joining Intrepid Sourcing. Rest assured that we bring the necessary skill set and experience.

We are proud of making sure that you receive the tailored solutions you need.


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