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One of the most common questions we are asked is how to get started with making your own custom product. The necessary steps depend on the product category. That’s why we made a series of videos for you on the product manufacturing process for garments, electronics and plastics.
Learn step-by-step how to get started with your custom product. The production process videos follow our proven approach of design, develop and create. Learn everything about making your own product and starting your brand!

1. Garments: Start and Style Your Clothing Line

Follow Sam through the entire garments manufacturing process from the initial design idea to receiving his clothing items. The design files for garments are called tech packs and making these is in the focus of the first production process video. In the second video, the clothing samples are coordinated and made. Finally, everything is concluded with the production run in the third video.

2. Electronics: Realize Any Powered Device from Scratch

Amy wants to produce a custom electronics item. While this seems like a more complicated endeavour, also the electronics manufacturing process can be broken down into simple steps. The first video covers the concept design and component selection. Moving on to testing the product idea, prototyping is covered in the second video. The product is ready for mass production as shown in the third production process video.

"Our goal is to make the manufacturing process as transparent as possible. Clearly defined steps and our breakdown into design, develop and create lower development cost and allow you to make products that turn out exactly as you imagined them."
David Garcia
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