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Want to develop a plastics product but have low quantities?

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We created the Plastics Production Package to suit start-ups and newcomers to the plastics production process making affordable custom plastics with injection molding accessible to everyone. Our Plastics Production Package is built for people that need high quality molds for a pure plastics product or to combine it with electronics, metals and anything else. We can also gladly help with associated components and assembly.

The plastics production process requires particular attention to mold planning and creation. Injection molding companies often charge a lot of money even for simple molds. By working with specialized plastic molding companies that exclusively create molds and bundling individual orders of custom molds, we reduce development cost and time needed. Avoid the pitfalls of starting a new plastics production line and work with us—an experienced plastic manufacturing company.

We Produced Custom Plastics For

Why our Plastics Production Package?

Choosing the right plastic manufacturers to lower costs!

You don’t need to know much about plastics manufacturing and injection molding to get started, because we help you with the technical aspects of the plastics production process. Just provide us some designs, sketches or reference product. Then our plastics production experts will guide you through the steps to make custom plastics. From making 3D files for the mold to deciding about the right plastic, we mostly do everything.

Subsequently, we create the first sample instantly in the form of professional 3D prints. Based on your feedback, we will adapt and improve the design file until it’s perfect. As part of our plastic injection molding service, we then start making the actual molds. This requires a lot of attention, because the smallest mistakes in the molds lead to problems throughout your product. You will end up having molds that are entirely yours and that you can use as you please in plastic molding manufacturing.

How You Get Your Plastic Product

1. Create a Mockup

A plastics production project should always start with a good concept. We consult you on the product and review your design from a manufacturing perspective. Afterward, we provide a 2D mockup of your concept to double check fundamentals and certifications required.

2. Optimize the Parts

Equally important is an overview of all the parts needed for your custom plastics product. We prepare a list of the materials going into production and choose the highest quality materials at competitive market prices to be used by the plastic manufacturers.

3. Create a 3D Drawing

We determine the length, width and height for all parts of your product. Different designs and parts require attention to detail so that the plastic manufacturing companies have precise instructions. Get a 360° view of the product and check all parts.

4. Get the Plastic Prototype

Prototyping, or creating a sample, allows you to touch and feel the product. We work with specialized prototype plastic suppliers that deliver custom 3D prints quicker than regular plastic manufacturers. Plastics prototyping is crucial in the product development process, because some issues become only apparent when you hold your product in your hands.

5. Make Your Mold(s)

Once you approve the design and plastic prototype, we start building the mold carefully. In contrast to regular plastic injection molding companies, we get many quotes from our network of plastic suppliers. Furthermore, the injection moldis completely yours and no one else will use it.

6. Arrange Production with QC

The final step in the plastics development process is to set up the production line at the injection molding company and plastic factory. We inspect each production batch for any possible issues and can help you with the assembly or packaging to create a perfect plastics product.

Pay As You Go With Our Plastics Solution

Design Phase

For Concept Development
$ 97 per design
  •  Concept Design Files & BOM
  •  Product Review
  •  Certification Report

Pre-Production Phase

For Prototypes
$ 397 per prototype
  •  3D Prints and Prototype
  • Product Costing
  •  3D & CAD Design Files

Production Phase

For Reorders
$ 197 per order
  • Finalize & Oversee Production
  • Quality Control
  • Logistics Report

Frequently Asked Questions

In theory we can accommodate order sizes as low as 100 pieces with our plastic suppliers. However, plastic molding manufacturing of custom plastics requires that you make your own molds carved out of metal. We can offer these molds cheaper than the vast majority of plastic injection molding companies, because we bundle many small injection mold orders–but there are still fix cost associated to that. Depending on the complexity and number of plastic parts that you need, we hence recommend to make at least 500-1000 pieces. A good solution for smaller orders is to look for similar existing products and move towards increasing customization with each order.

Sure! If you just want to get the design of a new product done to realize it later, you can just do that. You can also take the 3D files that are necessary for the molds to any other plastic molding company. Our design files follow industry standards (usually CAD files) that can be used by a different plastic molding company or plastic factory if you should be unhappy with our services. We even hand over your physical molds or send them to different plastic manufacturers if you want to.

If you have looked into how to make a mold for plastic products, you will know that molds can be very expensive. Especially in Western countries, you have to pay a lot of money even for very simple injection molds since they require a lot of manual labor. Therefore, we usually make our molds in Asia, often in China due to the mature plastics supply chain. Especially for lower quantities of affordable plastics development and assembly, there are unfortunately no suitable on-shore/near shore plastic manufacturers in the USA, Canada or Europe.

Yes, we often work with Polylactic Acid (PLA) that is plant based in injection molding. Even more common is it to use plastic material that is based on recycled PET bottles or similar plastics that have been used before. We appreciate when clients are interested in sustainable plastic manufacturing, and we can individually outline the options to make your plastics product more environmentally friendly.

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