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Plastic production can be a tremendous capital expenditure for any small and medium-sized enterprise. This is why we reduce your risk and work with great plastic manufacturing companies that can provide high quality molds. Even though the plastic manufacturing market is full of competitors, you have the opportunity to rise above them. Asia offers not only tremendous cost savings potential but also high specialization of plastic products manufacturers.

Among Asia’s plastic manufacturers, China has become the country with some of the best plastic suppliers in the world; moreover, it is also the leading raw plastic material supplier. All this give you have a shorter supply chain with many plastic manufacturing companies and plastics production specialists from which to choose. Our Plastics Production Package is the ideal solution people who want to make the perfect plastic item.

Why Our Plastic Manufacturing Package

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Intrepid Sourcing is your greatest support in creating plastic products. Our experience and network of plastic suppliers can help you through a pretty complex process Coordinating with plastic manufacturing companies is among the toughest mostly because of the technical expertise required.

First, you have make a 3D file so that all plastic manufacturers can understand your product. Second, prototyping plastic suppliers print your design so you can make changes before investing in molds. Third, another group of specialized plastic manufacturers and plastics production specialists create the molds; and lastly, the actual plastic products manufacturers are used.

Choose a customized process with dedicated plastic manufacturing companies that offers $200 for a first prototype as a first time user! Our Plastics Production Package is tailored to cover all specialized plastic manufacturers involved and ensures the result of a flawless product with:

1. Develop a Concept

We construct a sketch based on your ideas; you can send hand drawing or digital image for better visualization. Together, we form a fine sketch for your products.

2. Create 3D Drawings

We provide a 3D view of your future product so you can have a better idea. This will help you see its flaws or perks and refine it also by discussing it with the plastic manufacturing companies.

3. Create a Bill of Materials

We also prepare a list of the materials that go into production. We shall choose the highest quality of materials and a competitive market price.

4. Create a Prototype

Our Prototyping scheme includes a supervision of the process. Plus, we offer $200 for the first prototype as a bonus.

5. Make the Product

Once the final prototype is ready, we launch the production line at the plastics production specialists with a close supervision in order to identify potential problems and eliminate them at the right time.

6. Develop the Packaging

A fine product deserves an excellent packaging. We also provide a support for packaging design and execution process.

7. Quality Control

All our solutions are complemented by a Quality Control service at the location of the plastic products manufacturers. We supervise all protocols to ensure a timely production without a flaw. We keep an eye for defective products.

Our Plastic Manufacturing Package

Provides the following services


3D Rendering
and Design Work

Bill of

and Testing

Quality Control


First Time Users get $200 off Their First Prototype!

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