Plastic Products Manufacturing, Customization and Production

A Perfect Plastic Manufacturing Solution!

Are You Concerned About Poor Quality Plastics with High Defects?

We're here to help!

This solution is small and medium sized companies looking to minimize their costs while ensuring their quality. We reduce your risk and work with great plastic manufacturing companies that can provide high quality molds. Even though the plastic manufacturing market is full of competitors, you have the opportunity to rise above them. 

Why our Plastic Production Solution?

Choosing the right plastics factory to lower costs!

Intrepid Sourcing is your greatest support in creating plastic products. Our experience and network of plastic suppliers can help you through a complex process. Coordinating with plastic manufacturing companies is among the toughest, mostly because of the technical expertise required.

We have worked with the following brands

How You Get Your Plastic Product

1. Create a Mockup

We construct a sketch based on your ideas; you can send hand drawing or digital image for better visualization. Together, we form a fine sketch for your products.

2. List the Parts

We also prepare a list of the materials that go into production. We choose the highest quality of materials at a competitive market price.

3. Create a 3D Drawing

We determine the length, width and height for all parts of the requested item. Different sizes and designs require attention to detail so that the plastic manufacturing companies have precise instructions. Put everything on paper and soon turn it into a product!

4. Make a Protoype

Creating a sample a.k.a. “Prototyping” allows you to touch and feel the product. Our suppliers create quick and easy printouts at an affordable price.

5. Start Production

Once the final prototype is ready, we launch the production line at the plastics production specialists with a close supervision in order to identify potential problems and eliminate them at the right time.

6. Quality Control

All our solutions are complemented by a Quality Control service at the location of the plastic products manufacturers. We supervise all protocols to ensure timely production without any flaws. We keep an eye for defective products.

Here's What's In Our Plastics Solution

Best Seller


Phase 1


Included Features
  • Digital Mockup
  • Bill of Materials
  • 3d Drawings
  • $20 Towards 3D Samples


Phase 2


Included Features
  • Design Pack
  • Production Plan
  • Materials Finalization
  • $100 Towards 3D Samples


Phase 3


Included Features
  • Pre-Production Pack
  • Full Product Development
  • Production Monitoring
  • Free 3D Printout

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the smallest quantity I can make?

Depending on the size and design, we’ve been able to accommodate as low as 500 units

Where are your factories located?

We work with factories in Asia, USA and Mexico. Depending on your speed, materials, and point, we will recommend where production should take place. Contact us and we’ll go over your options.

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