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Systematic Quality Assurance Programs for SMEs

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Quality problems are the biggest production issue for businesses manufacturing abroad. Before investing, you need double check your entire supply chain and implement a quality assurance system. It takes a lot of time, effort and money doing it yourself. Even so, you might end up with quality issues because they are difficult to avoid without a quality assurance consultant. Every defective unit creates return cost, resale cost, reduced profit and lost investment. This is why you need a top-notch Quality Assurance Package from the beginning.

The significance of a quality assurance program is commonly underestimated. Getting your production project right from the beginning is crucial, because already one flawed component or production step can cause a lot of damage. Using quality assurance services as prevention is better and much cheaper than fixing the problem afterward. Even without fatal flaws, a quality assurance plan improves the coordination with the supplier, reduces lead times, and ensure correct product specifications.

Why Our Quality Assurance Program?

Here is How We Can Help…

Many things can go wrong without a systematic quality assurance program. As your quality assurance consultant, we take care of everything and eliminate the need for you to implement your quality assurance system. Our quality assurance services can get it done 30 days and one production batch. Shortly after, you can enjoy seeing your production become more fluid and easier to monitor. How does it work?

We come up with a quality assurance plan tailored to your product. First, our quality assurance plan reviews your current suppliers. Second, machines, materials and processes are inspected to see if they are bottlenecks in the production line. Finally, our quality assurance program concludes with a comprehensive quality control and a review about further potential for improvement.

Our Quality Assurance Package is tailored to cover all the production setup issues and ensures the result of a flawless product with the following quality assurance services:

1. Supplier Assessment

With our expertise on new markets, we will find the right supplier. We analyze each supplier’s offer, legitimacy and services in order to match the perfect one to your business.

2. Due Diligence

Flawless products start with flawless partnerships. Our Quality Assurance Package includes a supplier analysis in order to make sure there is no problem with the supplying process.

3. Production Line Assessment

We ensure lead-time and high-quality by supervising the production line. We identify issues in the production line before they become a problem.

4. Quality Control

We inspect the production batch for any possible issues. We want you to deliver a perfect product and we are helping you achieve it.

5. Review

We investigate products to suit the previous analysis on market, distribution and customer and provide efficient recommendations that you are free to follow.

Our Quality Assurance Solution

Provides the following quality assurance services

Qualified Supplier Assessment

Due Diligence

Production Line

Quality Control



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