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This solution is for small & medium-sized businesses with existing production lines looking to reduce their defect rates and increase manufacturing quality. As your quality assurance specialist, we take care of your product, supplier and production line to implement a custom quality assurance system. Our quality assurance services can get it done in as short as 30 days–within a single production batch.

Quality control can only detect problems but neither prevent nor resolve them. That’s why we implement good manufacturing practices (GMP) and use quality controls only as an additional safety mechanism. Our structured quality assurance packages allow you to exactly tackle the problems that you’re facing.

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Why our Quality Assurance Package?

Prevention is better than cure!

Consistently high-quality products make or break any company’s growth. Our first step involves reviewing critical parts and certifications: two processes we will do over again. This way we can solve small problems right away and set a reference point for further improvementsAnother common quality assurance challenge comes up when you’re thinking about switching suppliers. We’ll visit them to check the quality and their production line. The production lines of all factories are scrutinized to increase control of the whole process and eliminate unnecessary waste—waste that eats up your margin.

Improve Your Product with Quality Assurance

1. Know Your Product

We start with the most commonly overlooked aspect of many quality assurance programs: clear production targets. The first step is to properly define your Bill of Materials and Technical Specifications to understand the critical quality factors. These documents systematize your quality control processes allowing the auditor to accurately review the most critical parts.

2. Know Your Supplier

Quality assurance in manufacturing involves more than visiting a factory: it should follow an ISO standard supplier audit tailored to your specific product. We inspect credentials of both the suppliers  and their suppliers. We look to cut costs, not quality, and recommend the supplier change their materials if they fail to meet your standards. This process ensures the supplier controls the quality per your product requirements—requirements we setup in the first stage.

3. Know Your Production Line

Once the product is understood and the materials are inspected, we review the full production line: an extensive review of the actual production process. Each manufacturing step is documented with the materials used for future use: process changes, material alternatives or supplier recommendations are listed. This includes a quality control at the end of the first production cycle to test for defect rates.

Get Exactly What You Need With Our Quality

Assurance Program

Quality Assurance
$ 197 per product
  •  Product Review
  •  Bill of Materials Review

  •  Quality Control


Quality Assurance
$ 797 per supplier
  •  Supplier Pricing Review
  • Supplier Certifications Review
  •  ISO Compliant Factory Audit

Production Line

Quality Assurance
$ 997 per product
  • Production Line Assessment
  •  Batch Production Monitoring
  • Quality Control

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this is usually no problem. Factories in China and other Asian countries are typically used to third party quality control inspection companies and quality assurance service companies. Especially bigger Western brands that also work with smaller Asian suppliers frequently send their own representatives for monitoring and supervising. They are often even happy if they can get some expertise from a quality assurance specialist that has seen many similar suppliers and know tweaks that they are not familiar with.

The production line assessment is the process of setting up and optimizing the production process of your product. Basically, it ensures procedures run as smoothly as possible and with the best quality as possible. We as your quality assurance company start with a basic factory and machine review. Afterwards we broaden the scope for a complete manufacturing production line assessment considering the whole supply chain of the materials and components used for your product. The entire production process is documented giving critical areas additional attention. In collaboration with the supplier, we define all work steps and internal checks as detailed as possible to prevent any mistakes from happening in the first place. The resulting report is your very own good manufacturing practice standard.

Yes, we tailored our quality assurance solution to cover the most common quality problems. While they are built upon each other, you might have solved some problems yourself already or you only need some basic product review that is sufficient to solve all your problems. You can start building your own quality management system with any package you want.

No Problem! As previously mentioned, the product and supplier management solutions here are only based on our experience with the most common problems that our clients are facing. If you need help from a quality assurance specialist for any other topic, feel free to contact us and we are positive that we have done something similar before.

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