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Systematic Quality Assurance Programs for SMEs

Are you tired of poor quality and high defects?

We can help!

This solution is for businesses with existing production lines looking to reduce their defect rates and increase manufacturing quality. As your quality assurance consultant, we take care of your product, supplier and production line to implement a custom quality assurance system. Our quality assurance services can get it done in as short as 30 days (within one production batch). Quality control can only detect problems but neither prevent nor resolve them.

Why our Quality Assurance Package?

Prevention is better than cure!

Making sure that you receive your products in consistently high quality requires to analyse its characteristics. By learning about critical parts and double checking product certification requirements, a reference point is set for the subsequent improvements. The next step is to visit and review your supplier; examining that it is in the position to improve your product, that it is control of the supply chain and that its pricing adds up. Finally, the production line with all its manufacturing steps is scrutinized and improved. Quality assurance services act as prevention to costly returns which eat at your margin.

We have worked with the following brands

Improve Your Product with Quality Assurance

1. Know Your Product

The significance of having clear production targets is commonly underestimated in most quality assurance programs. We help you to get to know your product better by reviewing the specifications and critical areas of each component. Furthermore, it has to be clear from the beginning what mandatory and additional product certifications have to be considered or can offer guidance.

2. Know Your Supplier

Assessing your supplier for quality assurance in manufacturing requires more than a brief visit. We conduct a detailed supplier audit following the ISO standards on your behalf. The visit and review of supplier credentials is always tailored to your specific product making sure that your supplier can control the quality of your product sufficiently. Creating a cost break down is important to assess whether you get the quality you pay for.

3. Know Your Production Line

The prime aspect of quality assurance services is an extensive review of the actual production process. We go over each component and each manufacturing step at the supplier’s location having critical product components, tasks and the supplier’s resources in mind. Suppliers are usually thankful if someone with technical experience helps them to improve their quality. A quality control concludes and double checks the outcome.

Our Manufacturer Quality Assurance Packages

Provides the following services starting at $197
Best Seller




Included Features
  • Product Review
  • Certification Report
  • Bill of Materials Review




Included Features
  • Product Review Pack
  • Supplier Pricing Review
  • Supplier Certifications Review
  • ISO Compliant Factory Audit




Included Features
  • Supplier Review Pack
  • Production Line Assessment
  • 1 batch production monitoring
  • Free onshore/offshore analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my supplier cooperate?

Yes, this is usually no problem. They are used to third party quality control companies and quality assurance service companies. Especially bigger Western brands that also work with smaller Asian suppliers frequently send their own representatives for monitoring and supervising.

What exactly is a production line assessment?

The production line assessment is the process of setting up and optimizing the production process of your good. Basically, it ensures procedures run as smoothly as possible and with the best quality as possible. Intrepid Sourcing as your quality assurance company starts with the basic factory production line then broadens the scope for a complete manufacturing production line assessment considering the whole supply chain.

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