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Every client brings a new challenge because only customized services can offer a 100% satisfactory result. With each production project, we adapt our manufacturing outsourcing services according to the individual requirements of our clients and take into consideration the company’s budget, time plan and goals. We thank each and every partner for giving us the opportunity to develop, create and grow alongside them. The case studies are testimonies of dedicated work, constant evolution and a great expert team all put to the service of our dear clients.

garments manufacturing case study om the go

How Intrepid Sourcing Created a Meditative OEM Experience for Om the Go.

After assessing Om the Go’s predicament and considering different options, Intrepid Sourcing adopted a garments product development strategy to advance the concept from scratch into a sellable final product that appeals to the brand’s target niche. The garments production solution was adapted and tailored towards the needs of Om the Go.

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How Intrepid Sourcing Analyzed Production Lines and Solved Manufacturing Issues for EveMotion.

EveMotion needed to address supplier issues and IPR legal issues. One item that they frequently imported from China was some type of electric scooter. However, the IPR situation was complicated and their supplier was not the only one holding a patent for this specific product design. Without knowing it, EveMotion sold the product online, resulting in their local competitor suing them for intellectual property rights (IPR) infringement since their supplier also owned a patent.

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