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We know that your time means the world which is why we have compiled a comprehensive set of production resources helping you to further comprehend outsourcing, trade and manufacturing in China and throughout Asia. These subjects are connected to various technical, legal, economical and political developments that wee keep track of.

It is always worthwhile to have a deep understanding and to be informed about recent changes in production topics to make sure that you can adapt quickly. Whether you are a novice or professional in outsourcing, trade and manufacturing, our production resources help you to better identify your business’s needs.

We provide our reports and sourcing guides for production consulting at first hand for our production resources. If you are thinking about starting or improving your own production project, this is the right place to start your research.

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Our manufacturing blog covers guidelines, summaries, and tips for setting up production and sourcing from China and Asia. Make sure to subscribe to our blog for regular article updates.
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Our China trade wiki provides you with perennial articles about the basics of doing business abroad. We cover issues from product specification, customs FAQs, including technical and legal aspects of business and sourcing.
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Our industry reports cover thorough information on the development of industries. We present charts and statistics to help clients understand production topics at a more technical level.
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How are Our Resources Related to Our Work?

Our manufacturing blog, trade wiki and industry reports cover different aspects of necessary knowledge related to your production project. The manufacturing blog is related to our product development process by covering introductions, frequently asked manufacturing questions and current developments.

In turn, the industry reports provide you with information regarding the different product categories that our production solutions cover. It helps you to figure out the right product choice and what to expect when starting manufacturing in the most popular industries.

Lastly, our trade wiki is dedicated to evergreen content and tutorials from doing product research to customs.  It is all part of our approach to tailored solutions wanting you to make informed decisions.

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The former focuses on manufacturing and sourcing operations while the latter covers doing business abroad in general. If you are a manufacturing startup sourcing your products from China, then both resource pages come in handy for you.

Industry reports provide an overview and statistics regarding the industry you are about to penetrate. This is necessary for you to get to know trends, logistics, and possible issues you may face when starting a business in this particular industry.

Our manufacturing blog has a set of Introductory Series articles perfect for young and start-up manufacturers still new to the industry. The Introductory Series covers different aspects of manufacturing and how to deal with them.

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