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Garment Manufacturing Services for Your Clothing Line

Want to start a clothing line but have low quantities?

We help to build your clothing brand!

We designed the Garments Production Package to suit small businesses, startups and newcomers to the clothing production industry to help getting them exactly what they need. Our professional Garments Production Package takes care of people who want to develop their own clothing line and make the best garment product.

The garment manufacturing process has so many details: cuts, colors and material are all customizable parts of apparel production development. Our apparel manufacturing companies create themselves new and standard designs. This makes it both cheaper and gives you limitless garment production options to choose from. Avoid the pitfalls of starting a new wholesale garment production line and work with us—a proven clothing production company.

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Why Our Garment Production Package?

Choosing the right clothing manufacturers to lower costs!

You don’t need to know much about apparel production to get started, because we help you with the technical side of the clothing manufacturing process. Just provide us with some basic sketches or a design file. Then our clothing production experts will guide you through the necessary steps to make custom clothing. From creating your private label design files to coordinating with the clothing manufacturers, we mostly do everything.

Afterward, samples are created reflecting the perfect garment production process for your idea. You don’t have to look into how to find a custom clothing manufacturer, because we bundle small orders and work with several mass production companies for clothing. It is our particular strength to be your small quantity clothing manufacturer. Our garment manufacturing process seamlessly integrates your idea into a professional production line at the best garment factories and suppliers.

How You Get Your Clothing Product

1. Develop a Concept

We only need a sketch based on your ideas; you can send a hand drawing, reference product or digital image for better visualization. Together, we discuss your product to make sure we get it right already with the first low MOQ order.

2. Create a Tech Pack

We come up with a professional design file for your custom clothing, commonly referred to as Tech Pack. This will include the designs, colors, and materials of the requested item. We compile a list of all the materials that are needed by fashion manufacturers to realize the garment.

3. Get a Cut Sheet

We determine the length, width and height for all parts of the requested item. Different sizes and designs require attention to detail so that the apparel manufacturing companies have precise instructions. Put everything on paper and soon turn it into a product to become a vendor!

4. Sample it!

It’s time you receive a reward! We give you a free custom sample after doing the full development with us! You can also get a super comprehensive swatch book if needed. Enjoy a visualization of your apparel product and test your fashion manufacturing idea!

5. Make the Product

After you decide on the perfect sample, we are ready to integrate the design into the production line at the garment factory for mass production. We watch upon the custom clothing production process to secure as well as manage it.

6. Quality Control

We inspect each bulk production batch at the clothing manufacturing company for any possible issues. We want you to deliver a perfect wholesale clothing product and we are helping you achieve it.

Pay As You Go With Our Clothing Solution

Design Phase

Design Your Product
$ 97 per design
  • Fashion Design Files
  • Fabric Swatches (Optional)
  • Access to Our Client Portal

Pre-Production Phase

Make Your Samples
$ 97 per design
  • Cut Sheet​
  • Sewing Instructions
  • Free Custom Sample​

Production Phase

Make Your Product
$ 97 per reorder
  • Oversee Production​
  • Quality Control​
  • Monitor Logistics to Door

Frequently Asked Questions

In general, we can accommodate order sizes as low as 10 clothing pieces despite that this is not sourcing but custom production. We understand the needs of a small business or startup regarding a low MOQ and small batch or quantity production. Our full package production (FPP clothing) is suitable for everyone, also if you are just looking for private label clothing manufacturers. By bundling many small clothing orders, you can work with us for any quantity and until you can increase your orders and become a wholesale clothing supplier!

It takes 5-7 days to get your two reports after you get us the necessary information we need. The cost estimate is important to build your own clothing brand in the long-run. Once you sign up, we’ll send you a welcome aboard email with questions and information we’ll need to proceed with the reports. Whether underwear, socks, T-shirts, jeans, hoodies, custom shirts, dresses, jackets or coats, we will get you the documentation you need.

We work with clothing manufacturers and garment factories in Asia, USA and Mexico. Depending on your speed, materials, and price points, we will recommend where wholesale custom clothing manufacturing should take place. Overseas clothing manufacturers are often a good choice, especially when you need affordable clothing manufacturers for small orders. For some specific products and larger quantities, it can make sense to produce in Western countries with our clothing manufacturers in the USA, Canada and Europe. Contact us and we’ll go over your bulk clothing supplier & garment production company options.

Our designs are affordable. We charge $97 for an additional tech-pack. Contact us and we’ll review your design options, also regarding small batches and small orders for each design of your custom clothes. As your garment production company, we help you to develop a feasible plan from startup to an entire fashion line. Some clients just need a single tech pack from us as a small quantity clothing manufacturer while others are large wholesale clothing suppliers that are doing tech packs for entire collections with us that are narrowed down to the best clothing designs for mass production after the tech pack creation.

Yes, we can provide any type of fabric including organic cotton, fabric from bamboo and similar natural & certified blends as well as recycled fibers. Sustainable clothing manufacturing is important to us and we are happy when clients want to go down this route. Especially customers from the US, Canada and Europe are increasingly interested in organic options, which is a great trend in our opinion. We only source sustainable fabric from certified organic clothing suppliers and double check the material again before it is used.

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