Customized Garments Production

For Fashion Experts

Are you a fashion enthusiast...

...but don't know the whole manufacturing process?

With our professional Garments Production Package, we take care of the innovative fashion artists that want to create the best garment products. Use overseas manufacturing for your garment products and secure a flawless production line by choosing an alliance with Intrepid Sourcing. We designed the Garments Production Package to suit newcomers in the clothing market and help them maximize the benefits of this market.

Here is How We Can Help…

We developed a systematic manufacturing process that seamlessly integrates your idea into a professional production line. More importantly, we use our expertise and extensive network of factories to provide quick turnaround and high quality. Plus, you will get your first customized garment sample for free as a first time user!

Our Garments Production Package is tailored to cover all the production setup issues and ensures the result of a flawless product with:

1. Develop a Concept

We construct a sketch based on your ideas; you can send hand drawing or digital image for better visualization. Together, we form a fine sketch for your products.

2. Write a Specs Sheet

We come up with a list of the dimensions for the clothing. The list will include length, width and height of the requested item. Put everything on paper and soon turn it into a product!

3. Create a Bill of Materials

We compile a list of all the materials that go into the production of the garment. We choose high-quality materials at effective costs depending on production line dimensions.

4. Sample it!

It’s time you receive a reward! We offer a sample for FREE! Enjoy a visualization of your product and test your idea for FREE!

5. Make the Product

After you decide on the perfect sample, it is time to send the design into the production line. We watch upon the process to secure and manage it.

6. Quality Control

We inspect the production batch for any possible issues. We want you to deliver a perfect product and we are helping you achieve it.

For $1,000

Our garments production package provides the following services:


Create a
Specs Sheet

Bill of

and Testing

Quality Control


First Time Users Get a Free Sample!

Choose the Best Ally in Garments Production!


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