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Are you looking to start a clothing brand but are afraid your quantity is too small?

We can help!

We designed the Garments Production Package to suit newcomers to the clothing production industry and help getting exactly what they need. Our professional Garments Production Package takes care of people who want to develop their own clothing line and make the best garment product.

The garment manufacturing process has so many detail: cuts, colors and material are all customizable parts of apparel production development. Our apparel manufacturing companies work with both new and standard designs. This not only makes it cheaper but also gives you limitless garment production options from which to choose. Avoid the pitfalls of starting a new garment production line and work with us—a proven clothing production company.

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Why Our Garment Production Package?

Choosing the right apparel factory to lower costs!

You don’t need to know much about apparel production to get started, because we help you with the technical side of the apparel manufacturing process. Just provide us with some basic sketches or a design file. Then our clothing production experts will let you know the suitable process, regardless whether you want a large or small quantity. Afterward, samples are created considering the perfect garment production process for your idea. Our garment manufacturing process seamlessly integrates your idea into a professional production line.

How You Get Your Product

1. Develop a Concept

We only need a sketch based on your ideas; you can send a hand drawing, reference product or digital image for better visualization. Together, we discuss your product to make sure we get it right already with the first order.

2. Create a Tech Pack

We come up with a professional design file for the clothing, commonly referred to as Tech Pack. This will include the designs, colors, and materials of the requested item. We compile a list of all the materials that are needed by the clothing manufacturers to realize the garment.

3. Get a Cut Sheet

We determine the length, width and height for all parts of the requested item. Different sizes and designs require attention to detail so that the apparel manufacturing companies have precise instructions. Put everything on paper and soon turn it into a product!

4. Sample it!

It’s time you receive a reward! We give a free swatch book and money towards samples with your first order! Enjoy a visualization of your product and test your idea!

5. Make the Product

After you decide on the perfect sample, it is time to send the design into the production line. We watch upon the process to secure and manage it.

6. Quality Control

We inspect the production batch at the clothing production company for any possible issues. We want you to deliver a perfect product and we are helping you achieve it.

Here's What's In Our Garment Solution

Best Seller


Phase 1


Included Features
  • Tech Pack
  • Product Review
  • Free Fabric Swatch Book


Phase 2


Included Features
  • Design Pack
  • Production Plan
  • Cost Estimate
  • $50 Towards Samples


Phase 3


Included Features
  • Pre-Production Pack
  • Full Product Development
  • $100 Towards Samples

Sample Reference Prices: $50: Underwear, Socks, Basic T-Shirts | $100: Custom Shirts, Jeans, Hoodies

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the smallest quantity I can make?

In general, we can accommodate order sizes as low as 10 pieces; however, contact us and we’ll discuss the different options. We understand the needs of your business.

How long does it take to get my tech pack and cost estimate?

It takes 5-7 days to get your two reports after you get us the necessary information we need. Once you sign up, we’ll send you a welcome aboard email with questions and information we’ll need to proceed with the reports. Once you pass those along, we’ll circle back your reports in the mentioned 5-7 days.

Where are your factories located?

We work with factories in Asia, USA and Mexico. Depending on your speed, materials, and price points, we will recommend where clothing manufacturing should take place. Contact us and we’ll go over your options.

I have more than 1 design. How much is an additional tech pack?

Our designs are affordable. We charge $10 for an additional design sheet and $25 for an additional tech pack. Contact us and we’ll review your design options regarding any wishes you have.

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