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Want to make custom packaging but have low quantities?

We help small and medium-sized enterprises!

The Custom Packaging Solution is made for newcomers and small businesses with amazing products in need of product packaging. Our structured approach includes assistance creating packaging design files as well as a custom sample. This way, you can test your packaging design ideas. We create clear bottles, cardboard packaging and many other custom packaging.

Packaging can be complex: if you want something customized, there are many options (materials, printing and folding techniques) related to your product and marketing. We are a specialized small quantity, custom packaging manufacturer with access to a full range of customization at low setup and production costs.

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Why Our Custom Packaging Solution?

Access to the best custom packaging companies at low cost!

Professional packaging design files not needed! We guide you through the custom product packaging process (CPPP). Our experienced product packing designers work with any drawing, any reference—we make sure it will turn out just as you imagined.

Once we finish the design files, we create your sample. You don’t need to worry about how to find a custom packaging supplier, because we work with a number of custom packaging manufacturers. By bundling small orders, we can provide you with affordable small quantity custom packaging. We integrate your packaging designs into the production lines of the best packaging factories and suppliers.

How We Make Your Custom Product Packaging

1. Make a Packaging Concept

The only thing we need to get started is a hand drawing, design file, reference product or similar. We go over the product measurements with you to get a full understanding of what your custom packaging requirements are, both for functionality and design.

2. Visualize Your Design

We create a 3D mockup for you to see the custom printed packaging in its final form and coloration for better visualization. This allows you to see how your product will look like in its final custom retail packaging. We discuss different versions and design alternatives.

3. Create the Design Files

Quality packaging requires design files in a vector format for clean and high resolution printing. The custom packaging companies also need exact information on the colors being used, usually in the form of Pantone or CMYK color codes. We put these information together in a mass production ready format following industry standards.

4. Sample it!

We send a you free sample of your custom product packaging. Check it carefully to make sure that it is exactly as you need it. The material and printing will exactly follow your design files.

5. Start Production

Once you approve the packaging sample, we integrate your design into the production line of the product packaging manufacturers. We monitor the mass production to make sure that no mistakes are made with your custom printed packaging.

6. Quality Control & Logistics

We inspect the entire packaging batch when the production is completed. You can be sure that you will deliver your product in a perfect custom packaging design reinforcing the quality of your brand.

Pay As You Go With Our Custom Packaging Solution

Design Phase

For Concept Development
$ 47 per product
  •  Packaging Concept Design Files
  • Product Review

  •  Instant Access to Our Client Portal

Pre-Production Phase

For Custom Samples
$ 147 per product
  • Product Costing
  • Technical Design Files
  •  Free Custom Packaging Sample

Production Phase

For Reorders
$ 97 per order
  •  Finalize & Oversee Production
  • Quality Control​
  •  Logistics Report

Frequently Asked Questions

While our custom packaging solution is created for innovative custom designs, it is no problem to do simple boxes and similar standard packaging designs. We can then easily confirm the measurements as well as logos with you and move on to the production phase right away. Packaging samples can be arranged for very quickly within 2-3 workdays when required.

Yes! It is actually very common for us to ship the custom printed packaging to factories in China and other Asian countries. It is generally speaking no problem to ship anywhere from our product packaging manufacturers. We can gladly arrange the shipment and coordinate with your supplier to make sure that the custom product packaging arrives when it is needed.

It depends on the raw materials, quantity and delivery location. However, especially for small quantity custom packaging, China is our preferred manufacturing location because of well-integrated packaging supply chains and flexibility with small volumes at competitive prices. We can discuss your custom packaging manufacturer option when you reach out to us.

It is difficult to state a concrete quantity since it depends on your individual packaging design. We can realize production for you generally in the range of a few hundred pieces. If you have a very special, high quality and comparatively expensive custom retail packaging, 100-200 pieces might already be enough. In contrast, it will be around 300-400 pieces if just want a simple custom box with a logo.

Yes, you can choose from a wide variety of recycled packaging materials. Those don’t have to be brownish but can even be white or/and color printed. Even for plastic packaging we can provide some sustainable material options. We generally appreciate it when you are interested in sustainable packaging manufacturing.

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