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This solution is for small and medium-sized companies looking to streamline their ongoing production processes. The goal of advanced analytics in manufacturing is to save money and reduce lead times. We take a comprehensive approach to your supply chain and find ways to streamline it. Different aspects such as logistics, order scheduling or the upstream procurement of materials can be improved, depending on the focus of the analysis.

Clients using our manufacturing analytics package typically worked for a while with their supplier(s) but have experienced price increases, delays or just generally see potential for continuous improvement. From just-in-time manufacturing over demand forecasting to decreasing manufacturing cost: simple analytical tools always enable you to save cost while still keeping everything the same with your product and your supplier.

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Why our Manufacturing Analytics Package?

Reduced cost, better return!

Our professional logistics and supply chain analytics team provides you with suggestions where to save time and money. By optimizing your individual production and order schedule, we improve efficiency so that you receive the goods just when you need them. Best yet, we can reduce your shipping cost by streamlining your logistics with the most competitive logistics companies that we have preferential access to.

Since you already have the product in hand, it is easy for us to compare and improve prices for your ongoing production. Decreasing manufacturing cost while keeping everything the same with your product and supplier is a tough goal that we can help you to achieve. We decrease cost by sourcing the components and materials for your product separately. This upstream optimization takes into consideration that your supplier always has some unused potential. Those savings will be passed on to you.

Advanced Analytics in Manufacturing To
Improve Value for Money

1. Cut Logistics Cost

If you always wondered whether you are using the best way to ship your product, this is the ideal way for you to find out.  Small price differences add up; we balance cost, reliability, speed and suitability for your product. Shipment rates are double checked to find hidden cost savings whether through the HS code or Incoterms.

2. Cut Order Cost

Estimating the right order quantity is tricky: you either incur storage costs or increase the possibility of running out of stock. With so many supply-chain approaches available, it’s tough to figure out which best suites you. Our analytics suite includes order quantity (EOQ), demand forecasting and inventory models we adapt to your situation. You will work directly with our specialists to estimate the likelihood of stocking out and incurring unnecessary inventory.

3. Cut Product Cost

Tired of not knowing why you’re charged a price? Getting the exact price breakdown of your product is not easy to obtain. But learning the true cost is important for any business—especially when there are so many things you often don’t need. Suppliers often don’t care about your bottom line and work with suppliers they have good relationships with. We recreate the product costing with your supplier so you know what parts are necessary.

Get Exactly What You Need With Our Analytics Solution


Cost Reduction
$ 97 per product
  •  HS Code & Customs Research
  •  Shipment Quotation Overview
  •  Shipment Monitoring


Cost Reduction
$ 297 per product
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Order Scheduling
  • Inventory Analysis


Cost Reduction
$ 197 per product
  • Finalize & Oversee Production
  • Upstream Supplier Assessment
  •  Product Costing

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re generally satisfied with your supplier and they have met your expectations with respect to price, quality, product characteristics and reliability, you should probably stick to them. However, suppliers generally take you for granted as a client and are not putting much effort into their existing production lines when they don’t need to. That’s why it is important to continuously make sure that you’re still getting a good deal. The best way to do this is by having a cost breakdown that we provide you with our manufacturing analytics.

Every product has a Bill Of Materials (BOM), which is basically just a list of all its components and materials. Often is possible to say that you can easily replace a given component with a cheaper alternative or that you can change to a cheaper material for another given part. We as your manufacturing analytics provider can identify unused potential quickly.

It comes down to a very individual process depending on the kind of product you have and order schedule you are working with. Setting up a just-in-time inventory system also depends on the historic demand data that you can provide. In case of having only little data available, we can still work with estimates and ballparks that give you a good idea about the basic tradeoff between storing too much and too little in your individual case.

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