Custom Manufacturing Analytics

For Streamlining Your Current Orders

Are you concerned whether you are still getting a good deal with your orders?

We can help!

This solution is for companies looking to streamline their ongoing manufacturing processes. The goal of advanced analytics in manufacturing is to save money and reduce lead times. We take a comprehensive approach to your supply chain and find ways to improve it. Clients using our manufacturing analytics package typically worked for a while with their supplier(s) but have experienced price increases or delays. 

Why our Manufacturing Analytics Package?

Reduced cost, better return!

Since you already have the product in hand, it is easy for us to compare and improve prices, lead times or even the degree of customization. It allows you to easily check whether your supplier is (still) the best choice. Reviewing and replacing your supplier’s components with your own is a trick that always unlocks potential for savings. Our professional sourcing and manufacturing team can give suggestions where to reduce costs. Best yet, we can  further reduce your price by streamlining your logistics with the most competitive companies. 

We have worked with the following brands

Advanced Analytics in Manufacturing To
Improve Value for Money

1. Optimize Your Suppliers

Another price increase? Delayed again? Can’t customize? We review your supplier(s) to ensure they fit your needs and that you can be confident to still get the best market price. We go through each aspect of your supplier to see if they are appropriate for your current production. Switching suppliers is easy if organized professionally.

2. Optimize Your Parts

Are you tired of not knowing why product has the price you are charged? Do you want to get a break down to see what your money is being spent on? When you are working with detailed product costing as part of manufacturing business analytics, you take your product apart and optimize the value for money of each component. Tell the supplier which parts to use and where to get them. They often just do not know or care.

3. Optimize Your Supply Chain

Do you feel the production takes too long? Too many bottlenecks? You think your product could easily be made better or cheaper? Together with you and your supplier, we go through the production process and find out which production steps take the most time or components that are prone to be delayed. Furthermore, we give you access to fast and cheap logistics providers.

Different Approaches To Optimize
Your Supply Chain

Provides the following services starting at $397
Best Seller


Phase 1


Included Features
  • Supplier Review
  • Onshore/Offshore Analysis
  • Free Bill of Materials Review


Phase 2


Included Features
  • Basic Pack
  • Product Costing
  • Production Plan


Phase 3


Included Features
  • Intermediate Pack
  • Logistics Optimization
  • Production Line Assessment
  • 6 month Demand Forecasting Monitoring and Update

Frequently Asked Questions


No, you can also use the quotations or offers you get from other suppliers to renegotiate orders with your current supplier. Some manufacturing analytics suppliers might want to push you towards new suppliers, but we focus on you getting the best deal.


Every product has a Bill Of Materials (BOM), which is basically just a list of all its components and materials. Often is possible to say that you can easily replace a given component with a cheaper alternative or that you can change to a cheaper material for another given part. We as your manufacturing analytics provider can identify unused potential quickly.

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