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Companies that need our manufacturing analytics package typically have a production line riddled with bad quality and unreliable lead times. A bad production line can cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue and even more in retraining. For example, poorly planned production schedules lead to bottlenecks in production. As a result, you don’t get your goods on time. Predictive analytics in manufacturing looks at existing and potential problems of your production line.

Minimizing those inefficiencies not only saves time, energy and money but also builds your brand. Production analytics gives you a deep understanding where you must fix your production line. Production analytics helps you to identify the actual causes of your production problems; it is an important part of the new trend in predictive analytics in manufacturing. Our Manufacturing Analytics Package gives you the tools necessary measure your supplier and helps you establish contracts favorable to you.

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Why Our Manufacturing Analytics Package?

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Running a thorough production analysis is necessary for any successful company. Evaluating the supply chain the raw materials and components to necessary production steps can save you a lot of money while improving quality. Our Manufacturing Analytics Package gives you the tools necessary measure your supplier and helps you establish contracts favorable to you. Intrepid Sourcing’s Manufacturing Analytics Package ensures that you maximize the potential of your production line.

Optimizing the work flow reduces production times and increases reliability. Our demand forecasting will give you the possibility to streamline order quantities and inventory. Predictive analytics in manufacturing basically means to solve both your current and upcoming production line problems. Our predictive analytics in manufacturing goes well beyond the improvement of the current production line. Our Manufacturing Analytics Package also considers the uncertainties and mitigates possible production problems.

Our Manufacturing Analytics Package

Provides the Following Services

Demand Forecasting

Knowing your customers demand can be tough, but we have the solution for you. Our fully customized demand forecast takes your data and integrates it into a fully functional estimate of future demand. Our results will lead to shorter out of stock times and reduced warehouse expenses.

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Production Line Assessment

The production line is the beating heart of any China outsourcing process, which is why it pays to find one that can handle your needs as a client. Intrepid Sourcing conducts an extensive product line assessment, asking the big questions to make sure that the entire production process unfolds without a hitch.

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Product Costing

Costing is particularly relevant when it comes to customized production lines. In contrast to a regular and more straightforward cost estimate, many more aspects such as raw materials and components have to be considered separately. This requires a more thorough but also more rewarding costing process.

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