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How to Manufacture Your Custom Product

Find product manufacturing companies for any outsourcing and contract manufacturing project

1. Review Your Production Line

Creating your own products starts with carefully examining the manufacturer identified during the Product Development. The production line is the heart of the manufacturing process at any supplier. By first reviewing the steps involved in making the product, we get a better understanding of possible problems which may arise.

2. Estimate the Lead Time

Once the production line is established, we can estimate the approximate production time. This step provides a realistic timeline so if delays occur, we can execute our previously established contingencies. Product manufacturing companies tend to be overly optimistic about lead times. It always has to be double checked and streamlined, especially when several contract manufacturing companies are involved.
Find product manufacturing companies for any outsourcing and contract manufacturing project
Find product manufacturing companies for any outsourcing and contract manufacturing project

3. Inspect the Production

We use our bill of materials and production line assessment to review the order in detail according ISO and ASQ standards as soon as the production is completed. Quality control should only confirm what you already know when outsourcing manufacturing, since it is too late to fix any serious problems here.

4. Arrange the Logistics

The last step in making your own product is often overlooked. By working with trusted logistics providers, we ensure your product gets to you without problems. We handle all paperwork and customs procedures so you can focus on distributing the product to your clients. We also provide any custom packaging that further improves the value of your product.

Find product manufacturing companies for any outsourcing and contract manufacturing project

Frequently Asked Questions

We usually refer to Asia when clients ask us where and how to find a manufacturer for small quantities of custom products. It strongly depends on your product since several countries are specialized in certain industries. Chinese manufacturing companies are very competitive when it comes to plastics and electronics, while good clothing manufacturers can also be found in Bangladesh and Vietnam. However, we also work with manufacturers in Mexico and larger orders of high value goods might be best catered to in the US or Europe. We can gladly go over your options–it depends.
Yes, we also work with clients that came to us because they had problems with ongoing production lines at their contract manufacturing companies. We review their production process in this case. Sometimes customers also just want to produce a new custom product with their current supplier that lacks the necessary innovation skills. It is an advantage if you already work with a manufacturer. We only suggest you to change if there is a specific advantage in doing so. Finding a manufacturer to make your product is only part of our job; assuring that you can deliver perfect products is our actual mission.
We have permanent partnerships with proven contract manufacturing companies for popular product categories. Since we bundle orders and have many ongoing manufacturing projects at any time, we can also realize small orders, have more room for customization of products and get better prices. To find manufacturers for products we haven’t done before, we can rely on our experience, local staff and legal expertise. We also do not only choose the immediate factory but also the suppliers of components. It is crucial to exercise control over the most important parts of the entire supply chain. For many raw materials and components, we are familiar with the market prices and where to get them to lower cost.
Our production line assessment is crucial to avoid any mistakes and quality issues with your custom product in the first place. It often pays off tremendously when you check the assembly line and the components used. You can identify bottlenecks and critical production areas that are not apparent when you just have custom samples (they are often done manually). It allows you to work with the supplier directly to add more glue here, use double stitching for a certain seam or keep track of critical areas when they review the production. Lead time assessment is equally important to coordinate with the factory and all its suppliers to make sure your products are done when they are supposed to.

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