Industry Reports

About Our Industry Reports

Every month we issue an industry report on a specific Chinese industry to our clients. While China is in the center of attention, we also consider other Asian countries relevant for manufacturing. Given the positive feedback, we have decided to make our industry reports available to the public so that all small and medium companies can take advantage of this information. We believe sharing industry descriptions as well as common problems and solutions will empower small and medium sized companies with more knowledge to help them grow.

Our industry reports are dedicated to background knowledge regarding product categories that help you to make the right choice or to learn more about your industry. If you are interested in finding out more about production project management with frequently asked manufacturing questions and current developments, see our blog. For broader background information, check out our trade wiki.


Garment Report - Intrepid Sourcing
Industry Report Consumer Electronics Symbol Picture - Intrepid sourcing
Fashion Accessories Industry Report - Intrepid Sourcing
Plastics Industry Report Symbol Picture
Electronic Components and Assembly Industry Report Icon - Intrepid sourcing
Chemical Industry Report - Intrepid Sourcing