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The Trade Wiki is a project focused on creating a comprehensive, informative database to aid people in researching and understanding topics related to trade with China. Outsourcing has traditionally been exclusive to big firms with resources.

The rise of the internet makes it easier than ever to search for the right supplier. Developing a quality product, however, requires more than contacting manufacturers on Alibaba. Taxes, fees and other items can alter your strategy. In fact, the vast amount of information on trade is hard to digest. We are developing the China Trade Wiki to help businesses research and have a full understanding before making preventable mistakes. This wiki covers a wide range of topics and answers all frequently asked questions, explains terms, and provides customs guidelines.

We hope you enjoy the articles we have compiled and will find them useful and informative! Don’t forget to also take a look at our manufacturing blog and industry reports.


I. Industry and Product Research
II. Country Report China
III. Economic Risks and Opportunities
IV. Political Risks and Opportunities
V. Supplier and Market Research
VI. Manufacturing and Business Risks
VII. Planning Manufacturing
VIII. Legal Aspects of Manufacturing
IX. Customs


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