Developing Innovative Sunglasses

How Intrepid Sourcing Created a Fun OEM Experience for Sun-Staches.

Sun-Staches wanted to develop a new product, a type of novelty sunglasses with LEDs. They only had rough design files but the actual technical product specifications were not entirely clear. Furthermore, the challenge was that this product needed to be mass-produced in a short period of time at an affordable piece price.

Normally doing this kind of electronics product development takes a lot of time and resources. Finding suppliers who can mass-produce electronic sunglasses quickly and at affordable costs, communicating with them, and controlling quality is also not easy. Sun-Staches needed an approach that considered and streamlined the whole process.

Sun-Staches Electronics Production Case Study Product development | Intrepid Sourcing
Phase 1

The Challenge

The problem is that, for a completely new product, Sun-Staches needed to develop the product from scratch. In the case of the LEDs, this means PCB (microchip) design and testing, including prototype development, finding suitable suppliers, and setting up and assessing a new production line that can cost a lot of money and time. Compromises have to me made between functionality and design with countless options.

As an innovative sunglasses brand,
Sun-Staches constantly needs to develop new products in order to expand their product range. As a result, they are looking for solutions for quick product development, here mainly for the electronics integration. Having little experience with electronics product design, they needed professional help to check the possibilities.

Phase 2

The Solution

After assessing Sun-Staches’ situation and considering different options, Intrepid Sourcing came up with a electronics product development strategy that helped them to achieve their goals. Different options were lined out, tested and developed under consideration of mass production aspects. 

The First Step,
was prototyping. The first version of the sunglasses was based on the design files to check feasibility, different options, product quality and costs so that the final parts and specifications could be determined. Also, the right suppliers had to be identified that were willing to produce relatively small quantities for the beginning.

Sun-Staches Electronics Production Case Study Product design | Intrepid Sourcing
Sun-Staches Electronics Production Case Study Product design | Intrepid Sourcing

The Next Step,
was setting up a new production line and production line assessment. With our engineers’ help, this broke down the production line into smaller parts and ran quality control checks all the parts to ensure all steps of production meet the standards so the whole process goes smoothly. Intrepid Sourcing also helped with packaging design.

The Last Step,
was product costing for necessary original equipment manufacturing (OEM) companies, comparing and analyzing again different suppliers for each type of materials used for this product to reduce costs after the product design and manufacturing steps had been finalized. 

Sun-Staches Electronics Production Case Study Product design | Intrepid Sourcing
Phase 3

The Outcome

Sun-Staches didn’t need to worry about procuring prototypes, finding and communicating with suppliers, controlling quality, and setting up a new production line. Instead, they can focus on selling the products, marketing, expansion, and attracting investment. Working on the next innovative sunglasses idea can be in the center of their attention.

Also A Newcomer Brand Like Sun-Staches needs help developing and implementing new product designs.
With Intrepid Sourcing’s help, Sun-Staches was able to develop their own product by relying on our technical expertise. The suppliers in China already considered mass production aspects when they were making the prototypes so that the whole process was more efficient, allowing them to save time and money.

Sun-Staches Electronics Production Case Study Product development | Intrepid Sourcing

About Sun Staches

Sun-Staches is a successful startup that received $300,000 investment on ABC’s Shark Tank. They acquired licenses from DC Comics, Marvel, Disney, and others and sell fiction-inspired and other novelty sunglasses for parties. They are famous for making the most creative and innovative sunglasses in the world. 

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