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The trade wiki provides you with perennial articles about the basics of doing business abroad. This essential sourcing guide covers all issues; from product specification to supplier research and customs, all important technical, legal, economical and political aspects are covered. Furthermore, we have a series of articles for the our most popular product categories. We cover many production locations throughout the articles, but China is in the center of attention due to its popularity as manufacturing location. We sometimes refer to it as China trade wiki. This is the best place for you to look up any trade related topic. Make sure that you also take a look at our manufacturing blog for more specific articles and at our industry reports for the product category that you’re interested in.
Intrepid Sourcing manufacturing case study

How Intrepid Sourcing Created a Wrinkle-Free OEM Experience for Impressed Bags.

Impressed Bags faced several challenges when it selected China as its sourcing destination. It had no definite sourcing strategy for its cross-border transactions – it lacked the time and resources to travel all the way to China to conduct multiple supplier verifications and assessment of their production capacity. The set up of the production line across border had to be quick and seamless, otherwise, its limited product supply would soon run out.

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electronics manufacturing case study KLM

How Intrepid Sourcing Created a High-Flying OEM Experience for KLM.

KLM needed the night lights to be mass produced based on basic design files. The challenge was that they wanted them quickly, at a reasonable price and in good quality. The novelty of the product and the necessary PCB (microchip) development required dedicated effort. Furthermore, the custom plastic parts had to be produced from scratch.

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Read a manufacturing outsourcing case study from our OEM, private/white label and sourcing work

How Intrepid Sourcing Assured a Bouncy Quality Product for Party Works.

Party Works was meticulous with its important order, but lacked understandably the means to meet with potential suppliers in China, or verify their compliance with quality and product safety standards regularly during production. They had no prior experience sourcing products from China directly by themselves and the order wasn’t big enough or occurring regular, so that sending their own staff wasn’t worthwhile.

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