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How Intrepid Sourcing Created a All-Inclusive Import Experience For Basis Covered Media.

eCommerce merchants endure stiff competition on Amazon. Venturing into eCommerce landscapes is never easy, but it can be done with the right sourcing strategy. Basis Covered Media engaged white label solutions from trusted suppliers in China to have their desired product designs manufactured at quicker lead times and optimize their product listings. Basis Covered Media’s product portfolio included teeth whitening laser kits which consisted of charcoal toothpaste, a special lighting device, user manual and package. They wanted to source the teeth whitening laser kits from a legitimate supplier in China, so Intrepid Sourcing served as their on-the-ground representative and conducted the supplier review

on their behalf. An on-site supplier assessment was conducted, with Intrepid Sourcing verifying the details regarding the supplier’s regulatory certifications, operating licenses, production facilities, production line standards and previous involvement exporting to foreign clients. As medical supplies like teeth whitening laser kits are subject to strict governmental regulations, Intrepid Sourcing ensured that the client complied with all statutory requirements such as ISO 13485, CE mark certificate and FDA listing and secured proper authorizations from customs authorities.  The teeth whitening laser kits were also subjected to rigorous quality assessment to ensure product safety.

Basis Covered Media Importing Starter Package Case Study Solution | Intrepid Sourcing
Phase 1

The Challenge

Selling on Amazon is challenging—it’s a fiercely competitive, fast-paced marketplace where customers demand immediate shipping of orders. Identifying the right products to sell and the right suppliers to work with is crucial. Furthermore, proper inventory management and sufficient stock levels are a must, otherwise, the client’s virtual storefront would receive bad reviews and lose sales opportunities.

To keep up with the stiff competition,
Basis Covered Media had to ensure that their stocks and product portfolio were always up to date. They needed identification of lucrative products and reliable suppliers with specialized white labeling solutions who can deliver the products to them fast and at a high quality. Transacting with many different reliable suppliers for a variety of customized products was too difficult and costly, considering that they had no means to assess the production capacity of each potential supplier directly.

Phase 2

The Solution

After a careful evaluation of the situation, Intrepid Sourcing developed a starter solution to identify good products and subsequent supply chain management solution for white-label products to help Basis Covered Media procure an assortment of on-demand, high-quality products from various reliable suppliers in China.

The First Step,
was supplier assessment. Intrepid Sourcing carefully evaluated which suppliers in China had the technical experience and craftsmanship to manufacture products to be added to Basis Covered Media’s product portfolio. Before the pre-approved designs underwent mass production, we required suppliers to submit product samples to determine their capacity to customize designs and process large volume orders at a high quality.


Basis Covered Media Importing Starter Package Case Study Services | Intrepid Sourcing
Basis Covered Media Importing Starter Package Case Study Services | Intrepid Sourcing

The Next Step,
was creating cost estimates for white labeling. Intrepid Sourcing carefully considered specific attributes of offshore sourcing like pricing, together with the acquisition costs for materials and packaging to help Basis Covered Media assess their upfront costs. We compared prices and assessed which quotes from different suppliers offered the best possible price for the client while maintaining good quality.

The Last Step,
was conducting quality controls (QCs) and providing logistics management, comparing and choosing the suitable logistics companies based on order size, weight, time plan, and quotation to reduce costs and time. All this was done with adherence to international shipping requirements and customs regulations to ensure timely delivery.

Basis Covered Media Importing Starter Package Case Study Services | Intrepid Sourcing
Phase 3

The Outcome

Basis Covered Media doesn’t need to worry about finding products and suppliers or making transactions with countless partners in China to handle various payments to each single one of them. Instead, they can focus on their business’s core competency and achieve greater sales revenue by outpacing their competition on various eCommerce channels.

Even A Successful Online Retailer Like Basis Covered Media still needs help sourcing from different suppliers.
Through Intrepid Sourcing’s sourcing strategy, Basis Covered Media successfully sourced products from legitimate suppliers in China, at reduced costs and shorter lead times. Basis Covered Media’s white labeled products had low defect rates, were consistently high quality and delivered on time, allowing the company to update its product portfolio and inventory frequently, much to the delight of consumers always demanding new product availability.

Basis Covered Media Importing Starter Package Case Study Services | Intrepid Sourcing

About Basis Covered Media

Basis Covered Media is a successful US-based eCommerce, digital marketing and analytics agency that helps brands engage their target audience across all media channels. Its full suite of specialized digital services includes online marketing, market analysis, branding, mobile marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization. Besides digital marketing, Basis Covered Media was eager to establish an eCommerce enterprise, which required setting up a retail brand that sells on-demand niche products on Amazon and other eCommerce platforms. Thus, the company had to look for reliable suppliers who can manufacture new products for white labeling.

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