Boy London

Suitcases and More for the Iconic Brand with the Eagle

How Intrepid Sourcing Created a Rock Star OEM Experience for Boy London.

As an international brand, much of Boy London’s product value is generated by innovative designs. It is easy to brand and sell products that allow customers to uniquely associate the products with the company. The streamlined implementation of new production lines with the help of specialized suppliers helps the company to save time and money. One of the products Boy London sells is suitcases. They wanted to find experienced

suitcases suppliers that can realize their new product designs, so Intrepid Sourcing found the right suppliers that produce high-quality suitcases that align with their fashion style, checked for different rubber materials for printing to save cost on materials, produced distinctive metal logo plates, and then the world-recognized eagle logo was placed on the suitcase, quickly generating a new product representing the core values of the brand.

Boy London Plastics Production Case Study Suitcases Brand | Intrepid Sourcing
Phase 1

The Challenge

In the fashion industry, everything moves fast. Boy London needs new product models for every fashion season, and updates its product portfolio frequently. Therefore, they need reliable suppliers who can deliver the new products to them on time based with fast product development. 

As a big fashion company,
Boy London needs a variety of specialized suppliers for different products, such as bags and plastic suitcases that can be customized and adapted to represent their brand appropriately. However, there are too many suppliers in China and other Asian countries, so finding the right supplier for each product is challenging. The right supplier might also change from season to season.

Phase 2

The Solution

After assessing Boy London’s situation and considering different options, Intrepid Sourcing developed a customized plastics production solution that found reliable suppliers for every product, including separately sourced custom components for further distinction and brand recognition.

The First Step,
was to carry out a supplier assessment that checks which supplier can manufacture which item and which product component, such as suitcases and other bags. Then we used our expertise in sample procurement to check if the supplier actually aligns with Boy London’s fashion sense and meets their quality standards.


The Next Step,
was creating product costing for the OEM production. This gives an idea of how much the cost should be in the beginning and thus helps with their forward planning and supplier selection. Intrepid Sourcing helped improve their design and changed product materials to bring down costs while maintaining quality.

The Last Step,
was to provide intermediary services, managing all payments and financial transactions directly. This allowed Boy London to make fewer payments, save time, and avoid international and other transaction fees that would have incurred had they had to make small payments to various suppliers in China themselves. Most importantly, Intrepid Sourcing signed the associated contracts with suppliers and was hence taking over the legal and financial risk associated to manufacturing.

Phase 3

The Outcome

Boy London doesn’t need to worry about finding, communicating with, and making payments to many small suppliers in China. Instead, they can focus on their business’s core competency, such as designing new products, expanding into new markets, marketing, and services.

Even A Famous Fashion Brand Like Boy London still needs help supervising plastic manufacturing.
The best solution for each product is unique to each season. With Intrepid Sourcing’s help, Boy London successfully achieved the goals of product sourcing from reliable suppliers, having new branded products produced quickly, significant cost reduction, and generating brand value based on collaboration with experienced suppliers.

Boy London Plastics Production Case Study Eagel | Intrepid Sourcing

About Boy London

Boy London is a British punk-inspired designer fashion company that was established in the 1970s and became a popular street fashion brand. The company is expanding its internationally recognized brand to more products and countries. As a fashion company, Boy London already has their designs, and mainly relies on suppliers who can manufacture new custom products with original equipment manufacturing (OEM). In order to expand and update their collection, they are looking for suppliers who can produce at lower cost while maintaining good quality.

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