X Games (2014)

X Games (2014)
ClientLA Partyworks
Project TypeSourcing/Quality Control

Project Description

Los Angeles Partyworks approached us to help handle the quality control of the units they were developing for the X-Games. After they were finished, we were inspected all of the items and arranged for shipping.

Services Offered

Lead Time Assessment

Getting goods in time

LA Partyworks called upon us for a high quality control and time assessment for the X-Games units. Additional to the quality control, we also provided a Time-Saving feature that enables a better time management.

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Intermediary Services

Protect your sources

We made sure to find the best partner for the X-Games units as we have the knowledge and experience of the market. The gaming market is highly competitive but with our help LA Partyworks secured a beneficial contract.

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Quality Control

Avoid surprises

Intrepid Sourcing offers supervision and quality control mechanism from the very first steps of product discussions to the point of the delivery location. We inspected thoroughly each item and safely prepared them for a timely shipment.

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About the Services

The Quality Control Package for customized production lines is a beneficial solution that improves time management, reduces costs and enables safe and efficient product shipping. With our additional intermediary services, our clients find the best deal on the market.


Our client has happily reported the success of shipment delivery and positive product feedback. They are also satisfied of the business connections they won through our intermediary services and shall return with new projects to the Intrepid Sourcing Solutions.