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Producing Inflatables for Party Works

How Intrepid Sourcing Assured a Bouncy Quality Product for Party Works.

With over 20 years of experience in the events industry, its creative events solutions are engaged by recognized brands in the U.S. for large-scale events, among them the ESPN X Games, an extreme sports competition often famously sponsored by Red Bull and the stunt show being broadcasted widely. The ESPN X Games is Party Works’ biggest client, so the events management

 – from planning phase to actual execution – had to be carried out seamlessly. As events coordinator, the company needed to set up a complementary attraction for the in-game audience, a fun interactive environment of giant inflatables, with big air mattresses and bouncy balls. These quite special items needed particular oversight and dedication for being affordably manufactured in China.

Party Works Quality Assurance Case Study Inflatable Course | Intrepid Sourcing
Phase 1

The Challenge

The biggest challenge to Party Works was finding legitimate suppliers of inflatables in China producing items reliably. The ESPN X Games required high-quality inflatable items to be delivered on time, without any defective parts, otherwise, they can’t be inflated at all or won’t last long. This required a strict quality assurance program.

As a special events company,
Party Works was meticulous with its important order, but lacked understandably the means to meet with potential suppliers in China, or verify their compliance with quality and product safety standards regularly during production. They had no prior experience sourcing products from China directly by themselves and the order wasn’t big enough or occurring regular, so that sending their own staff wasn’t worthwhile.

Phase 2

The Solution

After a thorough assessment of Party Works’ situation, Intrepid Sourcing formulated a strategy to assure that all the products sourced from China were of high quality and produced on time for the event. A combination of supplier assessment, due diligence, production line assessment and quality control (QC) made sure that all targets were met.

The First Step,
was to evaluate suppliers based on workmanship and pricing, with preference for suppliers with the ability to implement pre-approved client designs at reasonable rates, without compromising product quality.


Party Works Quality Assurance Case Study Inflatable services| Intrepid Sourcing
Party Works Quality Assurance Case Study Inflatable services| Intrepid Sourcing

The Next Step,
was to set up a custom production line, ensuring efficient production and final assembly. Our team conducted an in-person inspection of the inflatable products – extensively inspecting the stitching, quality of materials used and packaging – to ensure they are in excellent condition, without holes or defects.

The Last Step,
was to provide post-production logistics management with adherence to strict customs regulations, carefully monitoring in-transit inventories and their on-time shipment from Guangzhou to Los Angeles, to detect product defects and avoid delays.

Party Works Quality Assurance Case Study Inflatable services| Intrepid Sourcing
Phase 3

The Outcome

Party Works impressed its biggest client and minimized the risks of sourcing from China. The ESPN X Games project proved to be a success – Party Works procured all the special inflatable items at a good and consistent quality, completing the installation of in-game audience attractions on time at reduced costs. The strict quality control measures also led to zero defect rates, which meant all items were in excellent working condition.

Also Established Special Events Companies Like Party Works still need help with quality assurance abroad.
Intrepid Sourcing simplified the process of product sourcing from China for Party Works – from supplier review, product line set up to quality control and logistics management covering the whole supply chain – all while staying compliant with product costing and quality standards. With the burden of importing the inflatables set aside, Party Works was able to focus on what matters most: marketing and growing its exciting business.

Party Works Quality Assurance Case Study Inflatable Course | Intrepid Sourcing

About Party Works

LA Party Works is a California-based turnkey special events company established in 1987. It offers a full suite of events planning and production services, specializing in premium interactive entertainment, in the form of themed rides, games and other attractions. Having fun and high quality equipment at hand is crucial for hosting events and distinguishes Party Works from other companies.

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