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About Our Strategic Sourcing Case Studies

Every client brings a new challenge because only customized services can offer a 100% satisfactory result. With each production project we adapt our manufacturing services according to the individual requirements of our clients and take into consideration the company’s budget, time plan and goals. Together with our clients, we have managed to create the best production solutions that brought extensive benefits immediately and in the long-run. The manufacturing outsourcing case study we created for some our projects in the past is testimony for this success. We thank each and every partner for giving us the opportunity to develop, create and grow alongside them and the permission to write about our collaboration in a strategic sourcing case study.


KLM logo electronics production case study - intrepid sourcing

KLM Nightlamp

KLM needed the night lights to be mass produced based on basic design files. The […]
Sun staches logo electronics production case study - intrepid sourcing


Sun-Staches constantly needs to develop new products in order to expand their product range. As […]


boy London logo plastics production case study - intrepid sourcing

Boy London

Boy London needs a variety of specialized suppliers for different products, such as bags and […]


Impressed bags logo garments bag production case study - intrepid sourcing

Impressed Bag Company

Impressed Bags faced several challenges when it selected China as its sourcing destination. It had […]
om the go logo garments yoga production case study - intrepid sourcing

Om the Go

Om the Go understood that setting up the production line in the US, although convenient, […]

White Label

wag logo white label production case study - intrepid sourcing


Wag! needed to develop a sustainable supply chain that enabled them to source a variety […]

Manufacturing Analytics

Eve Motion Manufacturing Analytics Logo Case Study - Intrepid Sourcing


EveMotion needed to address supplier issues and IPR legal issues. One item that they frequently […]

Quality Assurance

x games logo quality assurance production case study - intrepid sourcing

X Games (2014)

Party Works was meticulous with its important order, but lacked understandably the means to meet […]

Starter Manufacturing

Basis Covered Media Manufacturing Starter Package Case Study Logo - Intrepid Sourcing

Basis Covered Media

Basis Covered Media had to ensure that their stocks and product portfolio were always up […]
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Find The Most Related Manufacturing Outsourcing Case Study

Each manufacturing outsourcing case study offers evidence for our dedicated work, constant evolution and a great expert team working on providing the services for our valued clients. We have structured our past work into different categories of strategic sourcing case studies to make it easier to find related experience. An OEM production case study is created for each manufacturing project of a newly designed product in the fields of electronics, garments and plastics manufacturing. Each remaining manufacturing outsourcing case study category is directly related to its production way and follows the structure of our solutions.