Custom Baby & Kids Clothing Manufacturing

Create Any Garment for Children from Infants to Teenagers

Want to make clothes for kids or babies but only need a small quantity?

Get specialized help from A-Z for any children clothing!

The Children Clothing Production Package is set up to cater to the needs of anyone that wants to make their own kids clothing line. Whether you are just at the beginning with a clothing startup or whether you are an established kids clothing brand, we provide you with exactly the right services you need. From clothing design to full batch production, we can help you with all steps along the way as your experienced kids clothing manufacturer.

There are countless choices that have to be made with respect to fabrics, sewing, sizing and cuts. This is especially critical for kids clothing manufacturing, since you can not just scale down adults clothing. We provide you help and suggestions for every aspect that has to be determined. You have full flexibility with your children or baby clothing, but we can also provide common private label kids designs that you can simply adapt. It can often be a challenge to make a good kids clothing product. We help to make sure everything goes well–from concept to the product!

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Why Our Children Clothing Production Package?

Specialized help for baby & kids clothing assuring correct sizing and materials!

Newcomers are most commonly concerned about all the technical aspects that come with the kids and baby clothing development process. Rest assured that we will take care of all these tasks and you don’t need to work through all the possible options and production steps. We can get started with any reference product or any simple sketch, whether done by hand or on a computer.

We start by creating your clothing design files, the so-called tech pack, if you don’t already have one. Then we start with the creation of your samples that will be just like your clothing idea. We as your kids clothes manufacturer can also take care of the following mass production. In contrast to many other factories making children clothing, we can realize pretty much any order size from very small to very large!

How We Make Your Custom Kids Clothing

1. Develop a Concept

Whether for infants, babies, kids or teenagers, the only thing we need to get started is a representation of your idea. You can send us any kind of mock up, sketch or a reference product. It’s just important to understand your kids clothing design idea before making the sample or starting the wholesale production.

2. Create a Tech Pack

A tech pack refers to a document defining all the design elements and specifications for your children clothing. Fabric information, colors, accessories, basic sizing details and drawings are examples for the content. A kids clothing manufacturer always needs these information to know exactly what to do.

3. Get a Cut Sheet

Clothes for children need clearly defined widths, heights, and lengths. Different sizing has to be followed depending on the targeted age of the child. We as your baby clothing manufacturer will determine and confirm the exact dimensions with you to assure a good fit.

4. Sample it!

It’s time that you hold your design in your own hands. After doing the product development with us, you even get a free sample! We can also provide you with an extensive fabric swatch book if needed. You should test your custom kids or baby clothes before we proceed.

5. Make the Product

Once you’re happy with your clothing sample or told us about some necessary changes, we start to arrange the mass production at our children clothes factory. Rest assured that everything will be exactly as planned and confirmed in your tech pack as well as technical files.

6. Quality Control

Each piece of clothing is inspected for possible shortcomings. We make sure that we deliver a great kids clothing product to you without any issues. You can rely on the production going well and reliably so that you can provide a unique custom kids clothing design!

Pay As You Go With Our Kids and Baby Clothing Solution

Design Phase

Design Your Product
$ 97 per design
  • Fashion Design Files
  • Fabric Swatches (Optional)
  • Access to Our Client Portal

Pre-Production Phase

Make Your Samples
$ 97 per design
  • Cut Sheet​
  • Sewing Instructions
  • Free Custom Sample​

Production Phase

Make Your Product
$ 97 per reorder
  • Oversee Production​
  • Quality Control​
  • Monitor Logistics to Door

Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in small quantity and low MOQ children clothing production. It is possible for you to economically produce quantities from about 10 pieces. The only limiting factor is the materials that we have to order; in some cases, it’s possible to make even less when you use standard fabric. We understand the needs of startups, small and medium sized business as your kids clothing manufacturer. We can also offer you private label children clothing designs that work at low volumes. Just get in touch with us and we can discuss your individual case.
It usually takes around 5-7 days once we have all information about your baby clothing design idea and could ask a few questions if necessary. Our customer service team will contact you as soon as you sign up. As mentioned before, the tech pack is the basic design and specification file that contains all instructions that the kidswear manufacturer needs. The cost estimate is for you to get a realistic idea about how to plan the financials of your projects from early on. Whether for infants, babies, kids or teenagers, you will get all the supporting files that you need.
Our clothing factories specialized in any type of children clothing are located in Asia, the US, and Mexico. The ideal kids and baby clothing manufacturer locations depends on your individual project and aspects such as quantity, price point and material needs. We can gladly go over the options for your custom children clothing project and decide on the best option. Often it makes sense to produce in Asia, because supply chains are short and the minimums are quite low.
We have many clients that do an entire kids clothing line for various ages with us. It is simply $97 for each additional children clothing tech pack. Some larger companies do a variety of tech packs with us and only decide later what designs will be taken for sampling and then for mass production. We will make sure that we only make a minimum number of tech packs, since different colors or sizing may not need separate design files. You can get the help to start a kidswearbusiness with various designs.
Of course! We like and support people that have a more sustainable approach to their clothing products. We offer any type of fabrics for infants, babies, kids or teenager clothing products. From organic cotton and bamboo fabric to other natural blends as well as polyester fabrics based made from recycled fibers, you can use the fabric you need. Sustainable, non-toxic, and certified material are particularly important for baby and infant clothing manufacturing. All our sustainable fabric options are exclusively sourced from certified material suppliers. All our clothing manufacturing solutions allow this flexibility.

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