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6 Quick Steps for Clothing Product Development

Take a look at 6 easy steps we take for clothing product development as explained in our garments solution package. These steps cover all the important aspects of garment manufacturing and yet simplified for everyone.


6 Quick Steps for Clothing Product Development

Launching a clothing brand is a popular choice for starting a business. Clothing is human necessity and will always have demand in the market. If you happen to be one of those businessmen/women looking to start a clothing brand, then this overview is perfect for you. Here is our guide to the process for clothing product development.

The apparel product development process is designed not only to cater major clothing manufacturers but is also versatile enough to help small and medium-sized clothing enterprises. This article will orient you of our clothing product development and help you start your clothing line of top quality apparel products.

Fashion design and product development sound like a complex process in manufacturing with so many details involved in the process. Details such as colors, materials, cuts, accessories and trims are all factors to apparel production development. All of these factors are crucial to the outcome of the product, but it’s even more important to follow to right steps from tech pack to mass production. There is even some scientific research on how to ideally conduct clothing product development based on different models.

Clothing Product Development

6 Steps on How to Manufacture Clothing

1. Start with an Idea

Visualize your product by drawing your design ideas. Create a few sketches for different versions of your potential products and get inspiration from existing designs. Once you have developed a concrete concept, you can now move forward to the next crucial process.

2. Tech Pack Creation

The tech pack is the most important document on how to manufacture clothing. It is a design file which contains sketch and specifications of the proposed clothing product. The materials, trims and accessories which are going to be used for the product are also listed on the side. The tech pack is the standard file presented to factories and suppliers which lets them assess if the product is doable and ready for manufacturing. Clothing product design firms can help.

3. Prepare a Cut Sheet

The next apparel product development process step requires you to determine all the dimensions of your product. Consider the length, width, height and even thickness of your clothing product. Create a variation of the measurements for different sizes (S, M, L, XL,…) so the manufacturing company will have clear set of instructions to follow for different variations of the product. You don’t want manufacturers to assume measurements which you weren’t able to list.

4. Making Samples

You are at an integral stage of the apparel product development process once you are ready for sampling. You will work alongside the manufacturer to create the first version of your clothing product. This sample will become the basis for the final version of the product and this is where reiterations and modifications will be made to achieve the desired clothing product. Check your sample carefully! In the near future, there might even be the option to 3D print your clothing samples. However, until then it remains craftsmanship.

5. Product Manufacturing

We have reached the point where your simple idea is now brought to life. This is a big step in the clothing product development as we now reach the production line to manufacture the actual product based on the comments and feedbacks given on the product sample. You are all set for mass production depending on your budget and expected product demand in the market. Especially for garments, outsourcing manufacturing is a common choice.

6. Quality Control

The final stage of fashion design and product development is quality assurance wherein you should inspect each clothing piece (or a certain share for large quantities) from the production batch and make sure they are all up to your standards and desired results. You don’t to release subpar products as it would affect your company’s reputation. Wholesale clothing products are all expected to be of the same quality and this expectation is high for consumers and merchants.


Our six quick steps of clothing product development has been proven to work efficiently producing success for a lot of our clients. It is the entire apparel product development process simplified to make it understandable for small consumers and at the same time relevant for large and small batch clothing manufacturers. This professional approach covers all aspects of clothing product development to make sure desired results are achieved.

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