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How to Achieve Perfect Custom Clothing Packaging: 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Recognizing mistakes to avoid in order to come up with the perfect custom clothing packaging for your garments company. There has never been a better strategy to maximize customer satisfaction in the aspect of clothing packaging.


How to Achieve Perfect Custom Clothing Packaging: 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Custom clothing packaging used to be a no big deal because people will simply get rid of the package once they acquire the product. Due to the emergence of e-commerce, gone are the days when the traditional ways of shopping were to buy clothes from a physical store and have them right away once they leave. Custom packaging for clothing has become critical since people are now more concerned wherein they should receive the product much like how they saw and purchased them online. Making sure the package is able to secure the product is a big concern. Amazing is even asking companies to make their product packing easier to ship.

Clothing packaging is not only about making sure the garment/apparel is safe and intact when carried or delivered to the customer, it also provides a wonderful experience and joy when customers unbox the product then see and feel it for the first time. Aside from this, keep in mind the clothing packaging is what the customer will first see and not the actual product. It is packaging which will actually leave the first impression on the customer and not the product even if it only comes in a custom clothing box.

custom clothing packaging

Things to Avoid in Custom Clothing Packaging

Before we jump on to the right ways of custom clothing packaging, let us first discuss the things to avoid with packaging which annoy customers and give products a negative impression. Getting to know the following is important to solidify your idea of perfect clothing packaging from hereon.

1. Always match your branding with your packaging.

If you present your clothing company as a high end one, then it would be automatic for customers to assume your clothing packaging is fancy and elite since it is what your brand is all about. If your custom clothing packaging is simply a paper wrap then it will be a letdown for customers as their expectations are not met. This will have a significant negative impression towards your brand. Talk to your apparel manufacturers early on.

However, if you also do it the other way around wherein you have a low key brand and all of a sudden you present your customers with flamboyant packaging. This might not give a negative impression but people will be weirded out and find it unnecessary. Still, it is bad marketing.

2. Never use damaged packaging.

It is sometimes inevitable custom clothing packaging gets damaged by the courier during the course of travel. However, it will be much worse if your package is already damaged beforehand. The package will look like a mess if it is already damaged plus the additional stress of wear and tear during travel. Always make sure your custom clothing packaging is in good shape before it is sent out for orders.

3. Avoid unnecessary large packaging sizes.

A lot of clothing companies keep uniform custom apparel boxes or packaging for all their products regardless of size. Isn’t it annoying when you buy a small product from a store but it is packaged in a huge cellophane or box because there is no other packaging container for it? This is why you should have various packages for your clothing products suitable for different sizes both for in-store purchases and package deliveries.

custom clothing packaging design

Having the Perfect Clothing Packaging

1. Taking advantage of mailbags.

Custom clothing boxes is not the only packaging solution you have most especially with shirts and other small garments. The best way to package these items are through mailbags and mailer envelopes. These packaging solutions are lightweight which can help you save off on freight fees. Industrial design companies can help to come up with clever concepts.

Aside from being light, mailbags and mailer envelopes are made out of biodegradable materials which are eco-friendly. Having eco-friendly tags to your package or products is a huge boost because most customers these days acknowledge acts of being nature-friendly.

2. Add presentation details to your clothing packaging.

Whether you are using custom clothing boxes or mailbags, feel free to add presentation details instead of simply having a regular package. These details could add up to the excitement in unboxing garments which is relevant for customer experience. You do not have to overdo this aspect but at least put some effort in presentation instead of simply stuffing the garment inside a regular bag or box.

Another excellent presentation detail you can consider adding to your custom clothing boxes or clothing packaging is a welcome note saying a simple message, then include your social media pages and contacts at the bottom. Other brands prefer to simply give away stickers (printed name of the company or logo) as freebies included with the product in the t-shirt packaging or custom clothing boxes. Just ask your custom packaging manufacturer.

3. Always use custom clothing packaging which are reusable.

You would not want to see your packaging constantly trashed every time the customer gets his or her product. What you need, is to have your customer keep your clothing packaging and reuse them in the future for other packaging or container purposes. This is not only about recycling stuff but it is also free advertisement for your company.

Once a customer carry around your package, your brand is displayed wherever the customer goes and you effortlessly raise awareness for your brand. Recyclable clothing packaging is actually free marketing for your company.

stylish custom clothing packaging

It’s a Wrap

Once you consider the aforementioned things to avoid with custom clothing packaging and then you combine it with our tips on how to come up with excellent custom clothing packaging, you can surely come up with something perfect for your garment company. However, feel free to play around and be creative as long as you do not cross the possible mistakes and keep in line with what is necessary. It’s worth it to check out what other companies are doing or to read on the history of packaging to see trends more clearly.

Keep in mind the customers are the only ones who has the verdict towards your clothing packaging. You should put them into consideration wherein all of the design, functionality and quality of the custom clothing packaging is for them. However, you must also make sure you work around your budget and not overspend on clothing packaging at the expense of your company finances.

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