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How to Find Small Batch Manufacturers for Your Private Label Products

An extensive guide on how to find small batch manufacturers for your products and where to find them. Know the qualities your potential small batch manufacturer has to possess.


Private labeling is the way to go if you want to sell products but you don’t have the resources to go through the full way of creating original designs (OEM manufacturing) and handle significant upfront cost. However, it is easier said than done. Finding reliable small batch private label manufacturers you can work with is a critical step for your business. The task is not really difficult but may sound daunting at first. You don’t really have to pay a fortune or spend vast amount of time in finding small batch manufacturers as long as you know where to look for them along with the qualities you want in them. Private labeling is very common these days and even well-known brand manufacturers also offer private label manufacturing.

This wiki article will serve as a guide for private label startups particularly those who are new in the manufacturing industry the right information on how to find small batch manufacturers. We will also sort out qualities and qualifications which makes a potential manufacturer a good partner for your small batch production needs.

small batch manufacturers doing work

Why Choose Private Labeling?

Coming up with an original product is a very tough challenge for most manufacturers given almost all product ideas have already been produced in the market today. The best way for you to come up with something new is through innovation or by modifying current products out there in the market. With private labeling, you are able to give generic products a different identity through small modifications you and your manufacturer can come up with including the branding and custom packaging.

Another great advantage with private labeling is you are able to stay on top of things and do everything under your control without having the need to bend towards the manufacturer’s directions. In fact, even established companies are resorting to private labeling for some of their products being released these days. If you try to look at popular shopping destinations like eBay, Amazon or even your supermarket, you can easily identify a big percentage of products being sold in there are actually private label products from different manufacturers. It’s also called Original Design Manufacturing (ODM).

small batch manufacturers are those who are most likely into private labeling

Finding Small Batch Manufacturers

As a small reselling & marketing business, you cannot cater to massive production and be able to afford the resources needed for high quantity manufacturing. Your small batch production will only be suitable for small batch manufacturers. These in turn are almost exclusively always private label manufacturers, because they can sell their own design to several clients, In order to find these small batch manufacturers, you do not really have to travel all the way to China where most of these manufacturing factories are based. You can easily be in contact with them simply by browsing the internet.

Most of these small batch manufacturers have their own websites where you can directly inquire about their services. There are also supplier directories which provides a list of all manufacturers out there sorted by their business category or industry specialties. These lists will make it easier for you to sort your options instead of having to inquire hundreds of potential manufacturers one by one.

Another place you can search for small batch private label production companies is Alibaba. Simply type in the keyword or product you are eyeing to sell as a private label company, and the search results will right away provide the products along with 3rd party verifications and company certifications on these products. The latter is the key to single out small batch manufacturers you are looking for.

Last but not the least, you can also personally visit trade fairs and marketing festivals where manufacturers often showcase their latest products and releases. These events are favorites for small batch manufacturers because this is where they can market and advertise their products and services at par with the bigger and more established companies in the industry. You can simply visit them at their booths and inquire about them through their personnel in there.

How to Filter Small Batch Manufacturers

If you happen to find your potential small batch manufacturer via Alibaba, you can try to verify them by checking reviews of products they sell or manufacturer. You can right away detect sketchy small batch production companies through negative feedbacks and comments regarding their products or services online. You can also verify them by checking their product specialization and be able to assess if the product you want to sell fall under their product specialty.

The biggest catch in choosing for a small batch production company is their price. You would not want to pay for items priced the same amount as they are sold in Amazon or eBay. Feel free to shop around and get to compare different prices and rates a small batch manufacturer could charge for their services. Also, since you are into small quantity manufacturing, do not forget to inquire about their minimum order quantity and make sure the MOQ fits right on to your budget and sample size.

Do not hesitate to ask about their shipping process and courier service. Shipping fees will apply on top of your product’s final price tag which is why it is important to consider the fees involved to make sure you are right on top of your budget. Ask about the shipping costs or if there would be any discount if you order in bulk. You can also ask if they can deliver your goods right at your doorstep or directly into your warehouse. All of these questions among others should be basic when it comes to inquiring about your potential small batch manufacturer.


Everybody is doing private labeling! Finding a small batch manufacturer is not really hard but the meticulous process in between only makes it look complicated. However, being nosy in choosing your potential small batch production company is necessary for you to make sure you land the right one for your company. You don’t want to simply settle with the first potential white label manufacturer you get to talk to. Keep in mind you are doing all this for the good of your company.

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