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Logo Placement Guide for Private & White Label Products

A guide on logo placement on white and private label products. Learn how logo placement impacts a product's market value and attraction towards customers.


Private and white labeling are common practices in the manufacturing industry. More and more business owners and entrepreneurs resort to private/white labeling because it is a quick and cheap route to get started in product manufacturing business. Both private labeling and white labeling have their own set of advantages and disadvantages but they can be leveled out as long as the business is run and handled the right way. Good logo placement and design are crucial.

The toughest challenge with private and white label products is how to stand out in a tight and competitive industry. Since you know there are fellow business owners out there who market products which are same or close to what you are selling, it would be difficult to set yourself apart from the rest. Private and white label products most likely have the same level of quality, functionality and prices.

One of the most overlooked ways to get your private/white label product get noticed in the market is smart logo placement. Whether it is logo placement on the product itself or in the product’s packaging, it is instrumental to your product success. Your logo or product label design serves as the driving force for your company’s brand recognition. It does not only represent your company but also acts as a simple marketing tool on its own.

Product label designs or logos are designed to establish brand identity and help reinforce customer reception of the product. The logo design itself is more than just a graphic design as it is perfectly engineered to fit well with the company’s reputation, marketing, product lineup and brand identity. Aside from the design, logo placement is also very important and the advantages of having a great logo design can be eliminated once the logo is not placed the right way on the product or in its packaging design.

Make sure that you have your logo design files with spacing and exact colors lined out. You can look here at the university MIT and the logistics provider DHL how they put together some basic information on their logo placement.

The Art of Logo Placement in Private/White Label Products

Traditionally speaking, it is best advised if custom label designs or logos are placed at the top of product packaging. Studies show companies who have their logos placed on top of their packaging designs have received favorable impressions from customers which helped establish their brand identity compared to other brands who chose to put their logos on other areas.

White label logo designs which are placed on top of the packaging shows power and dominance which makes logo placement on the bottom part or the sides inferior. Customers always prefer brands with a powerful effect in them and this can be addressed through right logo placement. It is natural for consumers to pick brands who has a strong effect on them compared to less powerful brands which could be marked off as a generic. Already check for the options during the supplier search and product development process.

Another good reason why private label logos must be placed on top of product packaging is excellent visibility. Customers always check out products from its top to the side and to the bottom which means if logo placement is on top the packaging then it would be the first thing seen by the customer. It is rare for customers to check out products by starting from its bottom side.

Even supermarkets and shopping malls recognize the power of logo placement. Try to notice store shelves and realize products in there are strategically placed wherein popular and sellable brands are always placed at eye level for consumers while the obscure ones are the ones placed at the bottom or topmost shelf where it is difficult to see or even reach. This is a proven technique which boost sales for both the store and the brand.

logo placement is critical to products

Brand Power and Superiority

Designing your own brand label is a complex process due to the different factors involved in it. You should also definitely talk to your white or private label manufacturing company. Logo placement is only one of the factors which contributes to the system and there are a lot more such as logo design, product packaging, logo dimensions etc. Everything must be done right to achieve overall harmony of the custom label design. If the logo design fails at any of the factors mentioned, then the purpose of the brand which is to enforce brand power and superiority has not been achieved.

Right logo placement will not do it alone for your objective. Even if your logo is placed perfectly on top the packaging but the packaging design itself looks awkward, then the desired results is not going to be met. Any form of disharmony on the overall product label design will right away leave a negative impression on consumers.

Logo placement plays a huge role in catching consumers’ attention and convince them to purchase products. However, logo placement is only a part of the team along with logo shape, color, dimensions and all other components which comprises a custom label design. All of them must work altogether harmoniously to give you the brand power and superiority you desire over other competitors in the world of private/white labeling.

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