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The 9 Best Private Label Products to Sell in 2020

Discover the 9 best private label products ideal to sell in 2020. These modern private label products will remain sellable for four to five years until better versions come up.


E-commerce has taken over the world in which starting your own e-commerce business is never a bad idea these days. People resort to online shopping instead of traditional ways as it provides more convenience and allows them to save gas expenses, time and effort. Simply by browsing the internet, you can easily purchase things you need and want. As a result, e-commerce businesses and online stores are trend that is not going away. Here are the 9 best private label products you should consider selling in 2020.

If you intend to start an e-commerce business, the first thing you have to think of is to establish a brand. Going the private labeling route has to be your first option if you want to promote original products out there in the market without needing a large budget. The idea is to sell something which you love and passionate about. Make sure that you compare and contact many white label manufacturers to see which ones have the best quality, price and are reliable. Working with a sourcing company is advisable if you lack the necessary experience or want to make sure you actually get the best product.

Top 10 Private Label Products

1. GPS Tracking Devices

Vehicles, mobile phones and even watches can be attached with GPS tracking devices. Due to its growing demand in the market today, it is ideal to contact private label manufacturers and be their exclusive distributor of GPS tracking devices.

2. Eco Bags

Consumers these days are easily enticed by products who are environment-friendly and has a good impact on mother nature. The advocacy to fight single-use plastics has given eco bags a big market as people now choose to go with recyclable bags instead of using plastic bags or cellophane. Even supermarkets and shopping malls have now started to adapt in eco bag usage which is why it makes sense to pick this product as your potential private label product to sell.

3. Vape Products and E-Cigars

Consumers have not only become sensitive to the environment but now cares more deeply with personal health. The cigarette industry faced a huge decline this year in the US as more people have now decided to quit smoking for health reasons. The growing amount of taxes imposed on luxury items such as alcohol and cigarettes makes the situation worse for the industry as well.

Due to this development, people resort e-cigarettes or vapes as their means to cope with their smoking habits and help them eventually quit smoking for good. The vape or e-cigarette has now grown to become an industry on its own with an expected market value of $40 billion USD by 2024. Vape products and e-cigars are definitely innovative private label products to sell online today. The current backlash against vape products is probably temporary.

4. Terrariums

Another product in support of the green lifestyle movement most people prefer and enjoy these days is the terrarium. Even though it is close to impossible to grow gardens in an urban setting, the terrarium is a product which allows you to grow plants inside the comforts of your own home. A terrarium is capable of holding multiple plants to have your own mini-garden indoors. This product comes in various sizes, styles and shapes which makes it a best private label product to opt for.

5. Smart Backpacks

Backpacks never run out of fashion and always marketable for people of all ages. With the fusion of advanced technology to our regular backpacks, the product known as smart backpack has become one of the trendy item in the market today. The smart backpack is much like your traditional backpack with add-ons such as expansion batteries and comes with USB ports perfect for the digital world. If you are thinking of private label products to sell in Amazon, the smart backpack is a smart choice.

6. LED Lights

Ever since LED lights were launched in the market, it easily paved the way for this product to dominate the lighting industry due to its energy-efficient advantages. LED lights are also designed to be more durable and safe to use compared to the usual incandescent light bulbs which makes the former an easy choice for consumers. Choosing LED lights as private label products to sell is favorable considering there are a lot of options which you can venture into with lighting systems.

7. Water Flasks

Much like eco bags, the demand for water flasks also spiked lately because of its environmental-friendly feature. As people continue to shy away from the use of plastic cups and purchasing bottled waters, the use of water flasks got more popular with a market of an estimated worth $10 billion USD by 2024. Private label manufacturers pick water flasks as a hot item in the market and you need to consider this as one of the best private label products out there.

8. Essential Oils

The beauty and cosmetics industry also have a product whose sales tremendously spiked lately; essential oils. These essential oils are popular because of their wide variety of uses. They are popularly used in the food industry and also utilized for aromatherapy and other therapeutic techniques. Essential oils are proven for numerous health benefits which is another reason why people love the product. If you are looking for a product to sell, then packaging essential oils as your private label product is a great option.

9. Mobile Phone and Gadgets Accessories

People nowadays are willing to spend extra on accessories for their mobile phones and electronic gadgets. If you try to visit malls and supermarkets, you’ll easily spot stores and booths selling these types of products. Private labeling these accessories is not hard to do since a lot of these accessories are simply generic products in the market and it would be easy to simply stamp your brand on them. Mobile phone and electronic gadget accessories is definitely a best private label product to go for.


These 9 best private label products to sell in 2020 are all sellable during this time. However, market prediction suggests they are not simply trendy items and the demand could be in a consistent high for at least 4 to 5 more years. The following products are safe choices for private labeling and it would be up to your marketing skills to turn these products into profits for your own pocket.

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