Supplier Assessment

Supplier Evaluation Procedures with Objective Standards

Supplier Evaluation

How it Helps

Sourcing from another country requires a standardized supplier performance evaluation method. Our supplier assessment selects the best suppliers to remove potential sourcing problems. Considering your individual product needs, this minimizes your workload and separates good factories from bad ones.

Supplier Assessment Service - Intrepid Sourcing

We set up objective supplier selection criteria that make sure all suppliers meet your expectations. As a result, our supplier assessment method ranks suppliers based on quality, price and service. Moreover, company characteristics (like production capacity, research capabilities and relevant product certifications) are also used. In the end, our supplier performance scorecard matches the right supplier for the product your target market wants.

Your Ideal Solution

We help you choose the supplier that satisfies your business needs with our supplier assessment. Our supplier evaluation method gives you options to choose so you aren’t stuck with one supplier.

Based On All Factors That Matter

Our supplier assessment ranks suppliers according to factors like quality of service. This is so you can find out which supplier matches your needs. In the end, you lower your overall risk.

Our Experience

Prices from suppliers are analyzed. They are ranked and compared based on the likelihood of them being true. We have standardized supplier selection criteria from our years of experience.

Performing A Supplier Assessment

Why it Matters

Supplier Assessment Infographic - Intrepid SourcingYou can’t take a supplier’s word for it when it comes to quality. A good supplier evaluation procedure can distinguish between a great supplier and one that flatters. Your supplier assessment should make a shortlist of suppliers you can work with. Moreover, a supplier evaluation procedure should add extra security with more detailed information about how the product is made.

We believe any supplier performance evaluation should focus on three main parts: administration, price and quality. First, our supplier assessment reviews a company’s admin. We review all documents from the supplier to analyze their management. Secondly, our supplier performance evaluation looks at price. Suppliers often give different prices for the same item so we review them based on other quotations. Our supplier assessment compares direct and indirect costs as well. Thirdly, we review the company’s certifications. Local registration, testing agency certifications and product specific certifications are part of the supplier evaluation procedure.

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When sourcing abroad, you want a smooth experience from start to finish. Cutting out any potential problems at the source and decreasing your workload at every step is the motivation behind the supplier assessment. With that in mind, the importance of appropriate and rigorous supplier risk assessment is obvious.

Each project requires customized attention. You can choose standard packages or go for a personal-driven solution. Make the best combination for your success and we will deliver it to you with great care!