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Infographic III: How Does Clothing Mass Production Work?

The clothing mass production process is a big step in the clothing manufacturing businesses. This is where all the design work and pre-production process can finally come to fruition. Check this infographic!


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The clothing mass production process is a big step in the clothing manufacturing businesses. This is where all the design work and pre-production process can finally come to fruition. It can be a scary process for beginners and startup companies because this is where they can finally see the goods coming out of their investment. In case things go awry, it can be a big blow to their business venture. Manufacturing larger quantities abroad is a daunting task.

Clothing mass production is simpler than many people think, especially when the previous steps were arranged for neatly. However, you still have to make sure that you’re working with a good wholesale clothing manufacturer and a quality control (QC) should definitely be arranged for. This is why we came up with the clothing mass production package which assists people who are new to the manufacturing business and that need top of the line garment manufacturing services.


Production Package: Step by Step Process


  1. Confirm order quantity

Now your project is ready for production, it will be up to you to confirm how many units you want or afford to order for production. In case budget is tight, settle with the manufacturer’s MOQ (minimum order quantity) and simply scale up orders later on.


  1. Confirm delivery address

Whether you want your products to be sent at home or at your warehouse, it is important to confirm your delivery address so freight and delivery expenses can be settled beforehand. Make sure that you get the logistics and shipments right.


  1. Specify package and label info

Finalize your packaging details so the manufacturer (in case you hired them for such service) can proceed with packaging instead of waiting for your confirmation on each product at the end of the production line. Considering all products are good to go, the packaging and labels must have been done at this point.


  1. Review mass production invoice

To make sure your investment went to the right places, check all of the production invoices during the course of production. This is crucial for your accounting and final product pricing in the clothing mass production process.


  1. Implement a quality control (QC)

It is a protocol for us to conduct a quality control process and make sure all the products of the clothing production line are up to standards and are expected to satisfy the needs (or wants) of our client. It can be a huge plus if we are able to perform quality control procedures with you or your representative present.

  1. Delivery to you!

Once all of the processes mentioned beforehand are settled, you can expect your final product in days or weeks depending on the design complexity and order quantity. By this time, your products are ready and you have to focus on your marketing campaign to sell your products.


Our Clothing Mass Production Infographic shows the steps necessary to manufacture your own clothing


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