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Putting Fashion in Sports: Best Sportswear for Women

Discover the best types of sportswear for women out there along with the top brands to where one must look for women's athleisure and sportswear products.


sportswear for women

“Women empowerment” is the most trending aspect of this century. As we all know, women start becoming independent as of late. They are coming at the same level as men in society. So, sport is one of the biggest fields where women show their abilities as well as their passion. It not only discovers women’s abilities, but also enhances their body fitness and power. Wherever there is a woman, there comes fashion. As women want themselves active and fit but they also need themselves to look as pretty as they are during the sport and workout sessions. 

It is necessary to wear the best sportswear for women to be comfortable, easy, and free. Not forgetting the most important thing ‘fashion gym wear’. Sportswear for women needs to be in the best possible stuff and ways that make them more exciting and prettier but not uncomfortable and stuffy. Also, check out the following news and industry report on women’s sports wear.

How to Find a Custom Sportswear/Fitness Clothing Manufacturer/ best sportswear for women

Best Women Sportswear

  • Leggings: not too long and not too short bottom wear is a right legging to wear during sports or workouts. It makes legs look long and slim. It shoutouts the fashion itself and not forgetting it’s not something stuffy and uncomfortable. It’s the best possible sportswear for women.
  • Sports bras: something easy, free, and comfortable. It goes well with comfort and freedom during gym activities. It also gives a good fashionable look in women.
  • Tank tops: tank tops are something women need when they need some covering yet want to look as beautiful as they are. Tank tops give the best fun sportswear look, and it also shows curves in the right manner. 
  • Shorts: weather demands bring out shorts for easy-going and comfortable practices. It’s one of the best sportswear for women to wear at the gym for getting a good fashion look.
  • Long sleeves shirts: long sleeves shirts are really good during winters. It saves you from getting cold and makes your body feel the warmth. But do not to forget that it gives a fantastic sportswear look. Sportswear manufacturers always produce these items due to current fashion trends. 
  • Singlet: a good singlet to pull over the sports bra and paired it with good shorts or a pretty Capri. It gives an outstanding fashion look to women for their best sportswear.
  • Bodysuit: a full-length bodysuit is good for summers and winters as well. It’s an all-rounder in the fashion industry to wear something pretty and secure and comfortable as well. It’s the sportswear for women to be comfortable in their skin.

Top Brands of Women Sportswear


It’s the brand you can always trust when choosing your best sportswear. This activewear manufacturer use good quality material with easy-going styles. Their prices can be expensive but some products are at a reasonable price too. They offer occasional discounts and promos which helps the brand a lot in terms of marketing.


Athleta gives a good package of functionality, style, and affordability in its products. Its leggings provide easy coverage. It comes in different categories i.e. hiking, running, traveling, or yoga, etc. This brand is an excellent choice for sportswear for women.


A clothing factory you can trust for fashion women gym wear. They are known for their cut-out tops and fleece shorts. It gives the style a fantastic look and comfort making it a good choice for women.

IVL Collection

This brand is becoming popular among women for active wear because of its outstanding athleisure collection. They offer cute and versatile daily wears i.e. tank tops, jackets, tees, etc. Their products are made of high-quality material and their products give a positive and healthy outlook.


This brand is based in Los Angeles with a nice collection of products. They design elegant and perfect outfits for sportswear which are tagged as enivornment-friendly. Their products are highly flexible and affordable too. The best designers like Kiran Jade and Will Ryan work in this brand.


Glyder focuses on the women who are limitless and edgy. The bad girl standards. Their products are unique and prominent which gives a hot look for women who are into active wear. 

Outdoor Voices

As the name says, it gives a great collection for outdoor sportswear. It follows the trend in fashion and demand for comfort. This brand says it all with its form and functionality.


Aday provides really good services for their name. Their products are machine-washable, water and wrinkle-free and are sometimes UV protected. They offer multipurpose, sleek, and technical wear for women to able to feel free and trendy.


Lulu lemon goes with the trend and comfort for its clients. Their products are pricey but are justifiable. They are utility, comfort, longevity, and style all in one. Their customers rarely feel disappointed with the products because they provide products worth their price. They have a nice collection of active wears like for yoga, running, training, etc.

Girlfriend Collective

This sportswear company focuses on sustainability in its materials and processes. They provide a vast range of sizes and colors in their products. All of the products come good at reasonable prices.


They provide good quality products but with expensive pricetags. The products are exceptional and versatile and goes well with the weather demands.

Tory Sport

The company provides a great collection of American sportswear for women. The products speak luxury in them and focus on their performance.

Na Ka Oi

It’s an Italian brand that provides a good range of active wears for women. They are up to date in terms of fashion and trends. Their performance is versatile, and their products are usually cute.


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