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Are Plastic Products Safe?

Potentially harmful plastic additives have to be distinguished between the different kinds of plastic. Several international organisation and countries have determined banned and restricted substances.  
Taiwanese Manufacturing of PCB

Consumer Electronics Made in China

Chinese consumer electronic companies are successfully supplying the world for years. While they usually only built consumer electronics for foreigns brands in the past, there are a number of successful consumer electronics companies now that sell their product under their own name.
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Safety Testing Regulation Standards on Industrial Chemicals

Due to the drastic increase in demand for different chemicals, the trade environment is seen a bullish. Provided below is a primer on the standards that are vital in the industry.
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The Consumer Electronics Market

The Consumer Electronics market has developed and grown substantially only during the last few decades. Despite of concerns raised by sceptics, it is expected to continue to grow at a high rate also in the foreseeable future.
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Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Plastic

Plastics is a material that is not only often used but also often thrown away. This article highlights the importance of recycling for plastics, and gives an overview about the process.
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China’s Innovation Challenge

Following a challenging economic climate, the importance for China to focus on innovation is greater than ever. Shedding the country’s image of being the go to location for cheap manufacturing won’t be easy. Continuous growth within the specialised manufacturing sector is helping. However, over the long term, the country needs even further technology advances.
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How to Distinguish Between Different Kinds of Plastic

Plastic is a versatile material that comes in many different shapes. This articles provides an overview about what different kinds of plastic exist and how they are delineated.
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Semiconductors and How They Work

Semiconductors are the central building block of all modern electronics. This article gives a brief overview about the basic principle that semiconductors work with and what the chemical elements are relied on most commonly nowadays. 
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Cluster Manufacturing in China

Business clusters are found globally. From Silicon Valley to your neighborhood. Cluster manufacturing is not much different, but China implements it best.
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What Happened to Low Quality Chinese Factories?

China has a reputation when it comes to manufacturing quality, and it's not a pleasant one. However, the reality is most of the risk can be avoided.
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