Garment Case Study: Coat-Style Jacket

From a Simple Sketch to Mass Production

"A coat that you actually wear"

Creating a coat that is elegant yet practical is no easy task. Our client wanted to combine the looks of a coat with the feel of a coat. Breathable and light materials were supposed to be used. Usually worn open in both both spring and fall, it should be something you could wear every day.

the idea

We started working with a simple hand-drawn sketch. The most important elements are the wide collar and the two bottom rows of buttons overlapping in a classic style known from trench coats. In contrast to classic coats, the bottom cut should rather be like a regular jacket just reaching to the hips.

the concept

The process started by transferring the design into a tech pack. Our designers took the drawing and made a mock-up considering the measurements, the desired polyester blend cotton in orange and the accessories. Furthermore, the cut sheet dimensions for all required sizes were determined. Then a fit sample (for checking the sizing) and a final sample were made.

bringing it to life

The development of the coat-style jacket was concluded by a small-scale production run. We produced 50 of the jackets in the first batch for being able to test the market. Another order of 200 pieces was placed shortly after. Check here for the clothing manufacturing solution that made this design come to life.

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