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How our Logistics service works for you

Our logistics support is one of our core services. We have forged a strong foothold in China and obtained a wide range of contacts within the Asian transportation industry and customs authorities. Speed, cost and reliability are vital factors that our team looks at in order to create an airtight logistics plan.

Logistics Services

Intrepid Sourcing’s logistics management team deals with the handling, movement, and storage activities within the supply chain, beginning with suppliers and ending with the customers. By working with us, you will be able to reduce costs, and improve delivery reliability and speed.


Getting quotations from our various direct contacts in logistics companies is the first step in the process. We provide an overview and find the best option with you.

Handling Export Documents

Preparing documents such as the bill of lading, we make sure that your ownership of the goods being shipped, customs procedures and receipt are organized smoothly.

Monitoring and Management

In order to assure that the goods are delivered, we monitor the shipment from the departure to the arrival. Since there may be unforeseen incidences, we have an established crisis management protocol.

See our Solutions

Each project requires customized attention. You can choose standard packages or go for a personal-driven solution. Make the best combination for your success and we will deliver it to you with great care!

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