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Are you deliveries arriving late or are you concerned about customs paperwork and coordination?

Our Logistics Management Services can fix these problems!

Speed, cost and reliability are required for an airtight logistics management plan. Often times, logistics is neglected and many businesses forget about optimizing their supply chain logistics management. Things can go wrong between departure and arrival or you pay too much, so it’s important that you get some sort of logistics services and not rely on default options provided by freight forwarders.

We believe logistics services should cover three main aspects: transport optimization, handling of documents and palletization preparation. Reduce costs, and improve delivery reliability and speed. We help across every aspect of the production outsourcing process from being a logistics service provider in China and beyond to product packaging manufacturers access. We ensure that you have access to the best logistics services: handling, security, and storage activities. 

The Benefits of Good Logistics Services

Logistics Service Provider for China and Beyond

Easy Shipment Booking

The logistics management process starts with shipment booking services. This means we get your goods on a plane or boat. We provide an overview and find the best option with you so you can save money on logistics. We also combine it directly with access to product packaging manufacturers to ensure a proper arrival of your goods.

Handling Your Export Documents

Customs and import documents are difficult to deal with. However, it is the most important part in logistics management. Our supply chain logistics service makes sure your goods never get held up at customs. We handle all the paperwork from factory to warehouse so you don’t need to worry about documents for logistics management.

Monitoring and Management

We monitor the shipment from departure to arrival making sure your goods are safe. There are many problems that can arise in supply chain logistics management. Our logistics management processes are streamlined with best practices–regardless of which logistics service provider in China or elsewhere in Asia.

Air and Sea Freight Comparison

Your order volume, weight, value and time plan will decide which kind of transportation you need to use. We provide you with the know-how to go for the best individual option. Supply chain logistics management is adaptive to find the right mode of transport for each delivery to any location worldwide.

Reduce Your Cost

Comparing quotations from logistics companies gives you the best understanding of a competitive price. This is often neglected and as a result, people often pay 20-30% more on logistics services than they should. Coordinated supply chain logistics management make a significant difference.

Ensure Proper Loading

We review how your goods are loaded in the container. Our logistics services ensure your goods are packed appropriately with wholesale packaging from dedicated product packaging manufacturers. Logistics service providers in China or other Asian countries often do not handle your shipment with caution.

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